Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

So as the weekend comes to a close and it is time to get back into the evil work-world, I thought I would share some of the cute things from this weekend. The Boy had a very fun-filled weekend and got to see LOTS of his favorite people. We had dinner on Friday night with an old friend of mine who has the CUTEST little daughter. She was so cute and outgoing and came into the house talking about playing with The Boy. He proceeded to ignore her and to basically guard every single one of his toys that she showed any interest in. But she didn't care. She played happily until after 9:00 at night. A great night to catch up with an old friend and get to experience the cuteness that is her daughter.

Saturday The Boy spent time with almost ALL of his favorite people. He and I spent the morning together, then he went over to his Mom's house (The Ex) for a couple of hours in the afternoon. After that he hung out with his Gigi for a while before she left and his other grandparents came over for a few minutes. Then when they left, my gay boyfriends (and Uncle's extraordinaire) came over for dinner. This was all charming until one of the GB (gay boyfriends) thought it would be cute to teach him to say "pie hole" for his mouth. They thought it was hysterical when they would point to their mouth and ask him what it was and he would yell "PIEHOLE!!" Of course they laughed hysterically every time he did this. I just can't wait for him to tell his teacher at school today all about his "pie hole." Good lord.

The yesterday The Ex and I took the boy to a really nice local park and had a picnic. Then we even rode the train, which he loved. It was a really nice day, just the three of us. I am so happy that The Ex and I handled our breakup the way we did (with lots of counseling involved) and we are still able to have days like that. I will always love her as a great friend and as the other mother to our child, and it is nice to have days where we can just be good friends and co-parents and enjoy our son together. Plus he loves it when he has "TWO Moms, TWO Moms" to play with (for some reason he always says it twice). And after all of that I just hung out at home with The Boy and had a nice quiet evening together.

Oh and one thing I HAVE to share. I think we might have hit an all time cuteness experience. I cannot remember another thing The Boy has done in his entire little life that is cuter than this. On Saturday night when we were hanging with The GB, I was laying on the hammock and The Boy was playing on it (read: jumping on me and rolling all over me). He then decided he wanted to play the go to sleep game. We play this a lot where we lay down and pretend to snore and then he "wakes you up" and you pretend to be SO SURPRISED to see him and well...he loves it. So we were playing this game. "Yay down Mommy" he tells me, so I proceeded to lay down and to put my head down and commence fake snoring. Then he crawls over me so he is sitting behind me and he starts to rub my back. Then as he's rubbing, he starts to sing "You Are My Sunshine" (I sing this song to him every night when I tuck him in and say goodnight to him). He sang two full verses of it (of course with words missing) while he quietly rubbed my back. OhMyFuckingGod could he be any cuter? I almost died.

And on the baby makin' front...I have felt little random cramps toward the end of this weekend and today (possible implantation?). And also starting Saturday night, but definitely yesterday, my boobs feel funny. They don't hurt per se, but they feel...fuller. Or I guess I am just noticing them, which I usually don't do. Now normally I wouldn't post anything about this because we ALL know about the psycho-somatic pregnancy "symptoms" that we, as infertiles, like to imagine are there. I am only stating this for two reasons. One, because I really don't feel like I will be crushed if I am not pregnant this month and therefore I am not really afraid of putting things out there and therefore "jinxing" myself. And two, because if I am NOT pregnant then it shows that there is definitely a lot of truth to feeling things when we want to feel them as opposed to when they are actually there. I would be due for my period on Tuesday the 26th, so I will probably test starting on like Friday the 22nd or something.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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AuntFancy said...

OMG... Piehole, that's too funny! And sooooo sweet that he sang to you, my eyes might have gotten misty reading that. Lots of love to you and The Boy!