Saturday, August 2, 2008

The reality of reality

The Ex has been out of town for a few weeks.  She called everyday and talked to The Boy and we also did ichat on several occasions.  Today was her first day back.  She came over as soon as The Boy woke up from his nap.  He was thrilled to see her.  And now, after 2 full months, he is on his way to her new apartment for the first time.  Those of you who know me in real life know that I have been absolutely shocked that she hadn't taken him there before.  I guess it has just always been easier for her to come and see him at my house.

So she packed up his Thomas backpack with a bunch of trains, I reminded her that she might want to throw in some diapers, one of his cups, and headed out.  He was so excited.  "I go to Mom's house!" he told me with joy.  And then he walked down the driveway with his little backpack full of his "choos" and headed out.  While I am thrilled that it is finally happening, the moment was a little sad for me.  Our child is a product of a divorced family.  Just like I never wanted him to be.  But he is.  And now he is going to spend the afternoon with his Mom and I am here by myself.  Very strange.  Not bad, but just strange.  I am going to go out and get a pedicure and then come home and try and get some work done.  And then my boy will be back with me and the universe will feel right again.  It isn't what I planned for our life, but I guess it is pretty darn good.

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