Thursday, July 31, 2008

Damn You Amee

So it is 9:00pm and The Boy is still chattering away and he starts calling out to me.  So I head back to his room and open the door.  First of all one of the cats runs out so apparently that is who he has been chatting with this whole time.  But immediately I notice the poop smell.  No biggie, he does this sometimes before he goes to sleep and, to be honest, I would rather he wait to go to sleep until I have changed him so he doesn't get horrible diaper rash.

So we joke about closing the eyes because of the light and make our usual jokes as I am changing him.  When I pull down his diaper I notice that the poop is awfully far up the front of his diaper.  It's almost as if...someone has put their hand down there and...oh shit.  Gross.  It's under his finger nails and all over his jammies...  Nasty.  And it is totally Amee's fault.

The other day we were talking about how her daughter seems to always put her hands in her poop immediately after she poops and smears it all over the house.  "I don't think we'll have that problem in our house," I say smugly.  "The Boy hates to be dirty.  He even wants his hands wiped off constantly when he's playing in the sandbox.  We have a lot of problems, but somehow I don't think him playing in his own poop is one of them."

Famous last words.  Damn you!

PS--To clean him not only did it take like 5 wipes and a new diaper, but then he had to have new jammies.  Fortunately the bed itself was clean.  But then we had to cut the fingernails, and then scrub them under soap before he could be redeposited back in bed.  Once back in his bed, he was asleep in 5 minutes.


AuntFancy said...

I'm betting he wasn't so much playing in his poop as he was playing with his pee-pee and the poop just happened to be there. But eww!

After Hours said...

When this happens about 500 more times, then we'll talk! I get poop splattered daily. It is soooo grose.