Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Holiday for Two

I am talking about myself and my son.  This was the first Holiday weekend that we did without his Mom here as well.  We had a nice lazy Friday morning just the two of us.  We hung out in bed and watched some TV and then of course, we (he) played some trains.  That evening we ended up having a wonderful mix of people at our house that included The Boy's Mom, my parents, my best gay boyfriends, my 85 year old grandmother and some of my parents' friends.  Random group but it just worked.  We enjoyed lots of yummy food, lots of adult beverages and just had a nice time.  The boy played in his pool and just had a great evening as well.  (Boy pictured in pool above).

Saturday morning I was a little down.  I don't know if it is the post-party letdown, or just the fact that sometimes the mornings are still pretty sad for me.  Once The Boy goes down for his morning nap, it is just me with my thoughts.  This was always when I spent time with the ex.  Lazy mornings of just the two of us after the boy had gone back down for a nap.  So sometimes that is a hard time of day for me.  Fortunately my BFF called me up and we met for a pedicure which just turned the day around.  A nice toe painting job goes a long way in making any day better.  That night I just hung out with my boy.  It was great.  We watched a movie and did some trains and read some books.  We goofed off and ate dinner late and just had a great night.  The second pic of him was taken late Saturday afternoon as he was just hanging out in his crib having some quiet time with his trains.  He looks like such a big boy in this picture.

Sunday brought normal family chaos.  We met to get all 5 grand kids together this morning to attempt to get a picture of all of them for my father's birthday (this was NOT an easy thing to do to say the least), which we were celebrating later tonight (Sunday).  Amazingly enough the pictures were fairly painless and we were able to get 3 different poses of all of the kids looking decent.  I found that amazing.  Big props to the guy the took the picture.  He was high-fiving all the kids and then jumping back and they loved it.  Of course The Boy has a train in his hand, but at least he sat where he was supposed to.  Then a few hours later we went over to my brother's house to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  I am trying to keep my family talk to a minimum on this blog but suffice it to say, it is always an interesting evening.  The last picture is of all 5 kids enjoying an ice cream cone after dinner at my brother's house this evening.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!

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