Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Giving In to a Tantrum Ends Up Working for You

Yesterday was a rough day at work.  That is an understatement, but we'll go with it for our purposes here.  Since I work during the day I sometimes feel like I don't get to spend any time with The Boy.  So I always look forward to the end of the day when my mom brings him home from school to me.  I really wait for that moment all day sometimes.  Especially a day like yesterday.

So I see him through the window walking up the driveway shaking his head in an angry manner.  I open the door and go outside to greet him and say, "Hi Lovebug!"

  He looks at me and furrows his brow and yells "NO MOMMY!"  

Ummm...okay...  He looks at me and yells, "I go Gigi's house.  No Mommy."  

Gigi says in the background, "No honey, I told you we aren't going to Gigi's house today.  We have to go home and see Mommy."  At which point he repeated, "NO MOMMY!"  

He then stormed by me into the house and proceeded to go into his playroom and call for Gigi to join him.  I came in as well because I needed to vent to my mom about my evil work day.  As we were chatting, if The Boy ever caught my eye and made eye contact he would furrow his eyebrows and repeat, "NO MOMMY!"  This went on for about an hour and half before he would talk to me today.

Fast forward to right now.  Ask me where The Boy is.  He is at his Gigi's house.  Just as he requested.  And his Gigi is under instructions to not bring him back until he has adjusted his attitude properly.  And I got to come home from work, change my clothes, read a little bit of a magazine and update my itunes.  Then I decided it was probably time to get something to eat so I fired up the BBQ and cooked that wonderful pre-marinated Mahi Mahi from Trader Joe's.  Then I picked up the fresh bag of groceries that I had picked up on my leisurely drive home from work and made a fresh salad to enjoy with my Mahi Mahi.  If it wasn't a Wednesday evening I would be enjoying a glass of wine.  But tonight my water, and my salad, and my piece and quiet is just exactly what I needed.  Sometimes we need to give into our toddler's tantrums.  Because sometimes it ends up meaning a precious night alone for Mommy.  Go to Gigi's house indeed my boy.  We both had a lovely evening.

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