Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Things

So we are embarking on a couple of new things for The Boy today. First of all, today is the first day that he is going to be taking that medication to help stimulate his appetite. The name of it is Periactin and he is supposed to take 1/2 a teaspoon 3 times a day. His dietitian recommended that we start off with only 2 doses a day instead of three to see how he reacts. The main side effect is that it is supposed to make him sleepy. As I have said on here before, I am not thrilled with that just based on that fact that he is sort of behind developmentally anyway, and I don't think extra sleep or tiredness is going to help that situation. But I am going to give him the doses before he is supposed to sleep anyway to try and avoid the side effects. I am going to have his school give him a dose during lunch time (he goes down for his nap at about 1:30 at school) and then I will give him his other dose during dinner time at home, before he goes to bed at 8:00pm. I gave him a dose last night during dinner and I didn't notice anything different. He was just his normal little cute self. And no, he didn't eat any more. I wondered if he would wake up more hungry than usual but he didn't seem to. He drank about a pedia.sure and a half this morning, which is pretty average for him. So we will see what happens. I am not thrilled about having to give him a daily medication, but if it will help get some weight on my little boy, then I need to make that happen.

The other new thing he is starting today is a gym class. He has been in OT since he was about a year and half old. He has always had trouble with his core strength and that has contributed to his eating and speech difficulties. About 6 months ago, when I got him assessed by the state (so that they could start paying for some of his $180 a WEEK therapies) he wasn't far enough behind in OT to get coverage. But he was far enough behind to get coverage for speech therapy. So they upped his speech therapy to an hour a week and stopped his OT. I couldn't afford to do both. But he is still way behind his little friends in terms of his strength and what he was willing to do. When he goes to a park, he never goes near the play ground, instead preferring to sit and play quietly in the sand. If there happens to be NO ONE on the play ground, he might check it out if I go with him. But on his own, with other kids around, there is just no way. So I decided that taking him to one of these classes is pretty similar to what he was doing in his OT class. So starting this morning (he is actually there right now) he will be going with his Gigi (thank GOD for his Gigi) to a weekly gym class. If it gives him a little more confidence and builds a little strength it will be totally worth it. I am interested to see how he does in the class though. I think he will be quite tentative at first, but hopefully once he is going on a regular basis he will warm up to it and actually start to like it.

So I am the only one of my friends in real life who has a blog. Or so I thought. I have been joking with them lately saying that they need to start their own blogs because they read mine and feel caught up so we don't talk as much. So I have been complaining that they need to return the favor. Well, one of them did. And she didn't even tell me she was doing it. So I would like to introduce you all to one of my best friends from college. She has two adorable little girls (that hit every single milestone WAY before they are supposed to, and I secretly hate her for that) and is writing about her adventures. I would like to introduce you to Have Babies Will Blog. Go check her out.

And on the TTC front (since you know I can't do an entire post and not mention anything about that), my boobs are still feeling funny. They are moving more toward the "hurting" explanation every day. Normally I don't feel anything at all with the boobs before I get my period so this is definitely different. So, being the person that I am, when I went to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up my son's prescription, I picked up another 3 pack of pregnancy tests. I did one this morning and it was totally negative. We think I ovulated on Thursday (positive test on Wednesday) of last week, so this would only be 6 days past ovulation. That is probably too early to test, but who knows. I will probably continue to do another test every morning from here on out. Obviously I will let you all know if that negative turns to any sort of a positive. Okay, that's it for now. Have a fabulous day everyone!

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