Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick Update

So work continues to be crazy and I continue to try and find a good balance between getting my work done and paying the bills, and devoting all of my spare time to my wonderful, albeit sensitive kid. In between that, the blog gets neglected. So in an effort to catch everyone up on things, here are some bullet points.

  • Donor boy. As of yesterday afternoon I was planning a post concerning him where I said that I just felt like it wasn't going to happen this month with him. I had left him a message over the weekend asking if he had received my check and if he had been able to get tested. Since I hadn't heard back from him, I was assuming that he took my check and jetted off to Mexico to live la vida loca. However, he left me a message when I was with a client yesterday (damn those clients that keep me from tending to my personal business in the middle of the day). He said that he should be getting all the tests results back by Friday and that he would talk to me soon. I called him back as soon as I was out of my client and had to leave him a message. In my message I thanked him for getting back to me and I told him my plans for insemination. I gave him the specific dates and told him that I was hoping that he could come to me to do "the deed" and also told him specifically how I planned on paying him. Inwardly I hoped that would spark him to call back immediately. He didn't. I haven't heard back from him. But as I have previously mentioned, he is a bit on the flaky side. But it sounds like he did the testing and is planning on trying to make this happen this month. I remain skeptical. I am not sure why. Could be that I am just trying to mentally prepare myself for the disappointment when I don't hear from him come next Monday. Or who knows? He may show up with bells on, so to speak. We shall see how it progresses.

  • The boy. Our relationship has gone back to normal, thank god. When I made a conscious decision to make sure he was my focus whenever he was around, he became the boy that loves his Mommy again. Sometimes this means that I am up until 11:00 at night getting work done, but when he is home and in my possession, it has been all about him. And you know what? That's pretty great. I have an amazing kid and I absolutely LOVE spending time with him. He is growing up so fast and especially if I am going to bring another little human into our house, I want to treasure every single moment with him that I can.

  • One week from today we have another appointment with his dietician, aka "the weigh in." I will hopefully do a proper blog post all about this and about what this means, but needless to say, I am starting to stress out over the fact that I can still see his ribs when he takes a bath. So help me, if he is still somewhere on the 23 pound mark, I will most likely cry. More on that later.

  • The Ex is back in town and is back to "our routine." It was a special treat for her to take him over to her house over the weekend, but she seems to have fallen back into the concept of "seeing him at his own house is much easier." She came over for dinner last night. I walked in the door from work and started cooking. Then I got The Boy ready and set the table. She breezed in right as I was sitting everything down. Then once dinner was ready, she went with The Boy into the playroom while I then proceeded to clean everything up from dinner. Since it is my house now I am used to this process. Somehow when I am doing it on my own it doesn't seem so bad. Of course, I do everything, I am the only one here. But when she's around and she just does nothing and plays with him while I take care of all the not-so-fun chores and stuff it pisses me off. This is left over from my bitterness about this fact from when she lived with us (it was the exact same then too). She does love The Boy, no doubt about that. I am just not so sure she understand all the OTHER parts of parenting that don't entail sitting on the floor playing. She doesn't get that to have that, you have to have moments of "Not right now Baby, Mommy is cooking you some dinner..." "I know you want to play trains, but it is time to brush our teeth and get into jammies." "I know it is more fun to throw pillows all over the floor, but this isn't the best idea with Mommy's new couches..." You know, that sort of thing.

  • Okay must get back to work. I mean...I have been working this whole time Mr. Boss man, of course, I have. I just always type this fast... :)

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