Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He's Going To Be A Gymnast!!!

Okay maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but he did GREAT at his first gym class. He played with the other kids, he did most of the activities and most of all my mom said that he was SO proud of himself. That in itself people is worth the $385 fee for the 20 week class. He loved the balance beam and went on it over and over. "Mon Gigi, mon..." (come on...) he said as he went back to do it again and again. And the focus of today's class was the uneven bars. When my mom told me this I just laughed. Yeah right! But he hung on one people. He put his little hands on the bar and lifted his feet off the ground. Holy shit! My mom said he really like the parallel bars. At first he just ran back and forth between them but eventually he put his little hands up on them and hung there for a second. And then he did it again. Each time he did it he looked over at his Gigi with a look on his face like, "Do you see what I'm doing here Geeg? This is amazing stuff!"

They did a thing at the end where they blew bubbles and sang a song etc... Well he loves bubbles so he was totally into that. But once the bubble part was over they all sat down on the mat for the song part. But not my kid. No no. He felt the need to express to the entire class that "Mat ditty!" (dirty). He then proceeded to crawl all over the mat and wipe up every area that had a bubble spot on it. How dare they not clean properly! Good thing the teachers apparently thought this was cute.

But what was the biggest point in the day? Well apparently he learned to do a somersault. Again, holy crap! The teacher called them "rollies" which made him giddy with excitement. We have recently been transitioning from Thomas the Train into Bob the Builder. And there is a character in Bob the Builder named Rolly. So the fact that he learned how to do a "rollie?" Well...his little life is now complete. And I guess when he got up from doing the first one (I know! He did more than one!!!) he looked at my mom and said, "I tell Mommy I do Rolly." When she told me this on the phone I immediately teared up. My big boy was so proud of himself that he couldn't wait to tell me what he learned. Dear God I am tearing up just typing it again. I am so so so so proud of my little dude. He went to a gym class. And he didn't spend the entire time stuck to my mom's leg. He played, and he hung on a bar, and he walked on a balance beam, and most of all he did something that made him proud of himself. It is a good day today people. A good day indeed!


Anonymous said...

That is a great day! I teared up too reading about the part where he wanted to share his accomplishment with you-- and I LOVE the picture! He is beautiful!

AuntFancy said...

AWESOME!!! Tears: flowing. Yay Boy!!!