Monday, August 25, 2008


So I called the doctor this morning and expected she would say, "Congrats! We will leave the lab slip at the front desk so just come on by anytime and pick it up and head next door for your blood work." Well that isn't what they said. She said to me, "Ok so you want to schedule an appointment with Dr T. to discuss your prenatal care?" I am good with the whole prenatal care thing. And when were you planning on scheduling that anyway? Around 12 weeks? Uh uh. No, thank you. I nicely explained (while the panic rose in my throat) that lovely nurse practitioner B had said that when I had a positive pregnancy test, I could come in for a blood test. So that is what I was calling for. She seemed confused and told me she would take my number and get back to me sometime today.

Is she serious? Do they expect me to carry on right now WITHOUT a blood test? Do they not know me? Good lord. So I sit awaiting my phone call back from the doctor...

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