Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So f-ing cute

Just had to get this out there. The Boy is now old enough to be able to sing along to some of his favorite songs. Now if you read my blog regularly, you know that my son is not the greatest talker in the world. In fact we have paid thousands of dollars to try and help him on that quest. But today he seems to have found his voice. As I went in to get him this morning he was playing with "Byron" the bulldozer (of course from Thomas the Train). I couldn't understand what he was saying when I walked in but it turns out he was creating a little tune. He was singing "Tat Tu Mom" over and over again (which is translated into Thank You Mom). His Mom brought him Byron back from her visit to NY last week and he was just singing thank you over and over again to her for his new toy.

Then later as I was getting ready for work he was playing with his "kooper truk" (scooper truck) while attempting to sing the theme song to Bob the Builder. So all I heard was, "Bob Builder...YES I CAN!" Okay so he leaves some parts out of it. But over and over again he sang that, in the right tune, I might add.

Then on the way to school this morning I had his music on the ipod. There's a song that I personally find quite disturbing. It is called "Found a Peanut." Heard it? Yeah, it's creepy. It's about finding a peanut, opening it up, realizing it is rotten and then eating it anyway. Then you get a stomach ache and have to go to the doctor. Then you have to have surgery. And then? Then you "die anyway." Charming. Then they try and make it all better by making the last verse say, "Was a dream....was a dream..." It's horrible. But I digress. My son, of course, loves this song. I think he likes it because it talks about going to the doctor. And my poor boy can certainly relate to going to the doctor. But today he actually sang along with the song. He sang along with the song while saying the right words at the right time. He practically screamed the part about going to the doctor. And then when they talked about dying anyway, he got all quiet and looked all sad (I was spying in the rear view mirror) and then perked right up and yelled, "Was dream!" "Was dream!" Like he was so relieved that it had all just been a dream. And then he demanded that I play that deranged song over again. And over again. And each and every time he sang more and more of the words.

Sometimes it is important to stop and realize just how much they are growing up. And just how sweet they truly are. He kills me.

PS--Here are the lyrics to the song. But our version doesn't have the penicillin part, or the part about going to heaven and being turned down (damn! Could it get any worse?), but you get the idea.

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