Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Good With the Bad

Okay so since I never heard back from my doctor about the blood test, I decided I would try and call one more time before I drove over to some random Planned Parenthood to get a blood test. (Don't laugh, I was seriously going to do it!) I finally got an assistant to my doctor on the phone who told me that I had two options. One, I could get an HCG test where they basically do a blood test to confirm pregnancy. The other option was to get TWO tests, 72 hours apart, where they could look at levels and "help determine exactly how far along I was." I laughed a little inside because she clearly didn't know that I can basically pinpoint exactly when I ovulated and conceived. But obviously I chose option number two. And because I am an idiot, I totally felt the need to explain to the lady on the phone that with my last pregnancy, I went through the infertility clinic and therefore was used to much more reassurance...and I hope she didn't think I was obnoxious but...I really needed to get some sort of confirmation that things were going okay before a 12 week appointment...and... And really, I don't think she gave a shit. I was trying to make sure that I didn't get that evil black mark of "ANNOYING PATIENT" on my file this early on in my pregnancy. But I probably should have just said thanks to the test and hung up. I always seem to take it a bit too far.

So that's the good part of this email. I took my little happy self over to my doctors appointment and gladly stuck out my arm for the blood test. I think I might have even skipped a little bit on the way out. I have my second lab slip with me for when I go back in 72 hours.

And here's the bad part. Even though I am a bookkeeper, I clearly cannot to the math of 72 hours in my head. I took the first blood test Tuesday afternoon at around 3:00pm. So that would make the second test on...Friday afternoon. And herein lies the problem. I am going up to my cabin in the mountains for the Labor Day weekend. And I am leaving on Friday. And I am leaving at 7:30am. And I am going with 3 other people and my son. None of those people (myself included) would like to push back our departure time to a later time so that I can get my blood test. It takes about 5 hours to get to my cabin and the hope would be that we would arrive before lunchtime so we can have as much time up there as possible. We will be leaving on Sunday instead of Monday because I refuse to drive home on Labor Day with all the other gazillion people who will be on the road. In that scenario, a 5 hour car ride turns into an 8 hour car ride and that is simply unacceptable. I will lose my mind. But I digress...

So now I have to call my doctor's office back AGAIN and see if I should go in for the other blood test on Thursday afternoon, or if I should wait until Tuesday to do it. I pushed and pushed to get my two blood tests so that I could get some relief and hopefully quell some of this anxiety and it seems to have had a reverse effect. Damnit. BUT, I would like to point out that if my doctors office had called me back on Monday and I was able to get the first blood test on Monday afternoon, then this wouldn't be a problem at all. I'm just sayin'...

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