Friday, August 15, 2008

Too Many Doctors

So I would update you on The Boy's doctor appointment this morning except that we never made it.  We DID make it to A doctor's office, but just not the right one.  Even though my mom asked me like 15 times (how annoying is she?!?!?) if I was sure where the doctor's office was, and even though I swore up and down that I was totally sure that it was located at one of the offices, when we got there, I realized that this particular doctor didn't reside in that building.  Two of his other doctors do, but the neurologist?  Not so much.  He is in another building, near another local hospital, like 20 minutes away.  So while we are standing in the hallway of the wrong office, I finally tear my iphone away from The Boy who is watching Bob the Buil.der long enough to realize that I totally fucked up.  Completely wrong place.  So I had to call and tell the receptionist that we weren't going to make it.  Appointment rescheduled for next Friday.  Sometimes I am such an ass...

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