Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay the deed is done.  And can I say?  What a lovely guy.  Today was the first day that I actually met donor boy and he was just fabulous.  A very decent looking guy with nice features.  He has great eyes, I noticed that right off the bat.  And he made me feel very comfortable.  Obviously this had the potential to be AWKWARD!! but it wasn't.  I feel very good about it.  Not necessarily about whether we created a baby or not, but just about what a cool guy he was.  Yes, he was definitely a hippy with the long hair and appropriate vernacular, but he smelled nice and he was just fabulous.

In terms of logistics, I did NOT test positive on the OPK today, but it was close.  It looked about the same as yesterday looked to me.  So I would assume that I will test positive tomorrow.  I asked donor boy if he was available at all for the rest of the week and he said he would give me a call tomorrow.  I may just do another OPK this afternoon to see if it is the same as this morning.  We'll see.  But I only paid him half of what we agreed upon today so I imagine he will make time to come back.  I did tell him that if we couldn't hook up again, I would still pay him the full amount we agreed upon and he told me he would definitely make time to come back if I needed him.  

In all honesty, I am a little weirded out by what has happened here today, but like I said the other day, focus on the outcome not the process.  So with that, I will sign off for the day and be back with more updates later.  Thanks for all of you who have called and wished me well and good luck.  I will keep you all posted.

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