Monday, August 11, 2008

He Lives!

Okay I just got a phone call from donor boy. His test results are back and he is all "groovy," as he puts it. He has a couple of appointments during the day where he lives but he is planning on coming over this evening. It is a little after 12:00pm now and he said we would talk in a couple of hours, but that he would be over this evening. Holy crap. I honestly didn't believe that this was going to happen, but now it seems as though it might. The evening time thing might be a little tricky as The Boy will be there, and also my mom, but we shall just see how it goes. At least Mom knows what is going on and can keep the boy entertained and "out of the way" if necessary.

So I am off to get some cash and also pick up some nasty magazines. Last time we did this, all I had to offer our donor was my lesbian wall calender, which is black and white naked pics of the girlies, but this time I am going to be prepared damnit! Holy shit!

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