Monday, August 11, 2008

Tomorrow afternoon, not tonight

So we are going to get together tomorrow afternoon (that would be Tuesday afternoon).  I spoke with donor a couple of times today and he had some doctors appointments and other appointments over the hill today so he wasn't even available to come over here until after 5:00pm.  We talked and since I did not test positive on the OPK today, and will most likely test positive tomorrow, that is a better day anyway.  As long as he can come tomorrow, we should be good to go in terms of timing.  We will know more for sure when I test tomorrow morning, but that is what I am guessing.

Oh, and a little side story for you all.  I mentioned this briefly in my last post but when I conceived The Boy with Baby Daddy, it was a little awkward.  We had asked him ahead of time if he needed us to get him a magazine or something and he did the whole, "Nah!  I'm a guy.  We can do it whenever and wherever we need to.  I don't need your stinking magazines!" or something to that effect.  However when it came time to ummm...actually go into the bathroom, I think he might have had performance anxiety or something.  First he asked if we had anything he could look at.  All I had to offer him was my naked lady lesbian calendar (which has quite tasteful black and white pics of beautiful women).  So I gave him that.  Then he said, " you have any lotion or anything?"  First of all, GROSS!  But second of all, yeah that makes sense.  So we sent him into the bathroom with our old strawberry flavored lube and a thing of hand lotion.  That and the lesbian calendar.

So this time I decided to try and do it right.  I went to an actual shop where the se.x toys are sold and talked to the women behind the counter.  I told them exactly why I was there and that I needed something for donor to use that wouldn't embarrass him OR me and that didn't have smells or anything.  Obviously I also wanted to avoid using any sort of sperm.icide that would kill the little swimmers that I need.  So I got the lube and then asked if they had any magazines.  They pointed me to the smoke shop next door.  So I went in there looking for just a random Play.boy or or something.  Not easy to find.  They all had DVD's with them (umm...hopefully he won't be in there that long) and they were all some sort of scary themed stuff.  So I found one that had a DVD and some posters with it and ended up buying it for $14.99.  But I guess it saved me having to go to the liquor store to buy something less over the top.

So I am armed with some sort of boy lube, much more than just a regular magazine, and my little specimen cups and my syringe.  I can't believe this all may actually be happening.  I have been talking about this and planning for so long that it almost seems like it isn't ever going to actually happen.  But then to have it right about to happen well I feel...funky.  I mean obviously this is weird.  Most people don't create their families this way.  But I am trying to focus on the outcome and not the process.  If I think about the process I might just chicken out, because let's face it, this is very strange.  I have never even met donor boy and he is just going to come over to my house and use my restroom and then be on his way.  I will say though that every single time I talk to him on the phone I like him a little bit more.  He is a cool guy.  Very mellow and the fact that he said he feels "honored" to be able to give me the biggest gift in the world just solidifies that he seems to be the right guy.  Or if you are using his lingo, he seems to be the right dude for the job.  :)

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