Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adventures In Potty Training Day 3

I am simply exhausted so I am going to keep this short.

Overall I would call the weekend a big, fat success. My boy did great. He peed all day long on the potty today. The second half of the day I even put him in big boy undies (instead of letting him walk around naked from the waist down like the two previous days) and he only had one accident late in the day. He was playing with his new Spiderman and was so engrossed in his play that he had a little slip. But other than that we had no accidents all day long.

The highlight (seriously? Is this what my life has come to?) of the day was when he managed to squeeze out a poop the size of a small golf ball in the potty. I had been worrying all day long about "the poop" when it would come and how we would handle it. It is crazy the anxiety that goes along with potty training. The longer he goes without a success my anxiety level rises and rises and rises. Then once he peed successfully in the potty I relax...for about 45 minutes when I start worrying again.

I don't know if I can truly explain what it felt like to spend three long days not leaving the house ever, with a timer going off every single half an hour. And each time that godforsaken timer went off it meant it was time to address pee and poop. I have never been so sick of bodily fluids in my entire life. I am SO over it. Thank God tomorrow is Monday!

By the time 8:00pm came I was SO ready to be done. I got The Boy to bed and was seriously thrilled to not have to deal with potty training anymore (for the day). I nursed The Girl and was rocking her when The Boy started calling me over his monitor. Over and over again. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY. MOMMY. MOMMY!!!! I swear he would not stop. I couldn't yell at him because The Girl was just on the verge of finally falling asleep and thus cementing my desired "no child awake" status that I had been craving all evening long. I got up and turned off his monitor and continued to rock her until she was close enough to sleep that I could put her down. I put her down and went into his room with an exasperated, "WHAT!!?!?!?!"

"I have poop poop."

The little shit waited until he had his diaper on and unleashed the largest poop you have ever seen. Of course his diapers are also in The Girl's room. So I tip toe in there and the diaper basket is empty. Of course it is. So I try and silently go under the bookshelf where spare diapers are kept and sneak out the new package, grab the wipes and go into his room to find that I actually grabbed the package of new pull ups and not the diapers. FUCK!! So I go back in and successfully wake The Girl up all the way, get the diapers and go into his room and start changing him. Needless to say it was EVERYWHERE. I asked him why he waited and went poop poop in his diaper when I had been begging him to go on the potty all day long and he said to me in a snotty baby voice, "because I a baby Mommy," and then grinned at me.

Straw that broke the camel's back.

I said, "Fine. Then you're a baby. And tomorrow you only get to play with things that baby's get to play with. No TV, no planets, no Spiderman, no big boy bed..."

"NO Mommy...I wanta my toys. I a big boy. I wanta my big boy tings!"

"Well then you are going to need to use the potty like a big boy!"

And I literally pulled up his pants, turned off the lights and walked out the door. And in case you think that I was too harsh on him, it really was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had spent all weekend long being proud and non threatening and when I put him to bed the first time I had told him how proud I was of him and how when he went to school tomorrow he was going to get to wear his big boy undies like all his friends and all that good stuff. I praised the shit out of him. And honestly I really just needed to get those kids to sleep and not deal with anything potty related anymore for the night. I needed that to happen. Keep in mind that I am a single mother and I have been home, alone, ALL WEEKEND LONG dealing with potty related stuff. I needed it to be over. And just when I thought I was done. Poop explosion. Dear God!

So overall the weekend was a fabulous success. I am truly proud of my little dude and can't believe how well it actually went. It isn't his fault that Mommy was done. And of course I am not going to punish him when he gets up tomorrow. Because it will be a new day. And more importantly? I get to send him to school!! Hooray!

I am taking my potty-ed out self and going to bed. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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