Saturday, August 8, 2009

You You You Like Bugs?

This is a sentence that you are asked within 5 minutes of meeting my son. It is usually followed up by wondering if you have a particular hankering for spiders or...if you want to make him jump out of his pants with joy...spider webs (the end all, be all of excitement as far as he is concerned).

Due to his new (although not too new at this point) interest, his lovely Gigi, whose entire purpose in life is to put a smile on the small child, went out and found a book all about bugs. And that book came with a lovely cylindrical plastic thing with several very real-looking plastic bugs inside of it. The Boy LOVES them. And one of his most favorite things in the world to do is to hide them all over the house and laugh maniacally when I scream because I have found said bugs. This morning while The Girl and I enjoyed lounging in bed for a while on Saturday morning, The Boy was busy at work. I knew I was in trouble when I finally got up to have him say to me, "Mommy der some bugs waiting for you." Great. What a wonderful way to start a morning. So I decided to take my camera with me and show you the treats that are left around my house on a regular basis.

Behold the keyboard. How ironic that I had already decided to make a blog post out of this and when I went to retrieve my camera out of my desk drawer this is the first bug that I was lucky enough to find:
He kept giving me hints that the spiders wanted to be in the leaves this morning (nice "hint" Boy) so I checked all of my house plants to find this one:
Then he proceeded to tell me that he KNOWS his sister really likes bugs. So I started checking her stuff out. Here is her bouncy seat. I believe that is a dragon fly...
And finally, his hairy spider (as he calls it) resting comfortably in her crib...
There were many more hidden but not all of them warranted photos. But just know that there are 20 bugs in that container and he "hid" about 15 of them this morning. At least he warned me this time. Most of the time I will be going around doing my normal stuff, minding my own business, and I run into one of these little suckers. And I have to admit that if I didn't know he put it there originally sometimes he succeeds in scaring the living shit out of me.

Happy Saturday everyone. May your weekend be bug free!

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AuntFancy said...

Oooh, MO like bugs and spiders! I'm so glad he's past the plastic snakes. Although it wouldn't surprise me if he busted them out for me tomorrow. Can't wait to see you!