Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rolling and Wrists and Gifts, Oh My!

Guess who rolled over for the first time yesterday? I will give you a hint...she's chubby and looks good in a bow and...is SO damn proud of herself! See?
The only problem is that she is rolling from back to tummy and she is SO proud of herself for about 5 minutes before she realizes she has unknowingly given herself tummy time at which point she screams for the situation to be rectified. She hasn't yet rolled from tummy to back so once she masters that she will be good to go.

That picture was taken of my Peanut who happily sat in her stroller while I enjoyed my fantastic feast on my birthday. She's such a good kid. Actually they both are. The Boy was equally well behaved. Of course it helped that my grandmother brought him a bag full of bugs that he played with during the entire dinner, but nevertheless, they both did great and allowed me to enjoy a very nice relaxing dinner.

One of the greatest things about living here is that I am surrounded by so much family. I don't take it for granted that on any given occasion I can drive around the corner from my house and we can have four generations together. Here is a picture of the four generations of women (Boy was being a punk and refused to be in the picture, so we took it without him).
Doesn't my grandmother look hip for 87? Those of you who know me in real life know that she is actually quite hip. And quite cranky. But that is part of her charm. Plus we are all jealous because she is living out her golden years in one of the most fabulous places and we all wish it were us living there. But since we live very close by we can take advantage of it often. And we do. :)

I had a fabulous birthday. Thank you to all that commented and sent me emails. It really was a wonderful weekend. And now we must go back to the real world. Today was the first day of The Boy's new speech therapy through the school district, and I had a doctors appointment and had to see three clients. It was nuts.

I continue to be graced with the fabulous "side effects" of pregnancy and was told today that I have a pretty severe case of carpal tunnel on my left wrist. I just thought I tweaked it since I started lifting weights again but it wasn't getting better. So when I went to see my doctor for my blood pressure follow up (finally going back to normal!! Should be able to get off my meds soon!!) I randomly asked her about it. I was so annoyed when she told me this happens to lots of people during and after pregnancy. So remember those annoying wrist splints I was wearing while sleeping during my pregnancy? Now I have to wear one on my left wrist all the damn time. It is not only unattractive, but very difficult to function with. But I would like to avoid surgery so I will do what they tell me. But still...is there anything else that would like to come from behind and bite me in the ass in terms of pregnancy? Mercy!

I must go put The Boy to bed but I will leave you all with my best birthday present ever. Here's a picture of me and my kids on my birthday. How cute are they?

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Carey said...

Yeah for rolling over... and Happy belated Birthday!! :)

As for your arm, I feel your pain. I ended up with De Quervain's tendinitis http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00007
My general MD basically told me to suck it up, that it would likely go away. Ha! 18 months later, I still have it. A friend of mine who is a hand therapist made me a special splint which worked WAY better than the lame splint my doctor gave me. I'm sharing this in case your C.P. is more along the lines of what I have :)