Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's Not Do That Again Anytime Soon

Actually it all went fine. But man, talk about stressful on the Mommy... I think I slept a total of about 4 hours last night and it WASN'T because of the baby.

I got up at 5:15 this morning and did all the stuff I needed to go (pumping, getting ready, loading up a back pack full of stuff for The Boy during surgery etc.) before getting The Boy up. I woke him up a little after 6:30am and we were out the door by 6:45am. The Boy thought it was cool that I let him leave the house in the sleeper. One nice side effect of having a kid that doesn't eat is that he wasn't the lease bit bothered by not being able to have any food before his procedure.

Once we got to the surgery center they were very nice and checked us in quickly. We got back in our little area and basically just waited. He didn't want to put on his hospital gown/shirt so I had to bribe him with letting him watch the DVD player if he would put it on. Once that was taken care of they put the little thing on his toe to monitor his heart rate and his little hospital bands on his ankle and we sat back to wait. Here is a shot of him waiting, watching his DVD player (thank God for that thing!): Doesn't he look so little and sweet in that big bed?
About a half an hour before his procedure they gave him a "cocktail" to make him get a little sleepy. He got pretty loopy off of it. It was kind of amusing for me to watch. He was playing little games and holding the DVD player and letting it bonk him on the head and thought he was hysterical. (He was actually pretty funny). All the nurses kept coming by and commenting on how cute he was. He smiled and told them ALL that he had a "stuck thumb." His surgery was scheduled for 8:30am and at about 8:45am they told me it was time. I gave him a big hug and he got a little weepy and said he didn't want me to leave him. But then the (great) nurses joked and asked him if they wanted them to race his bed down the hall. He thought that sounded like fun and told me he was going on a race and that he would see me in a few minutes. And off he went.

I waited out in the waiting room and after about a half an hour the doctor came out and told me everything went fine and he was good to go. The anesthesiologist came out a few minutes later and told me he did great and gave me the little mask that they used to put him under so he could take it for show and tell at school. They said he was stirring so they would be out in a couple of minutes to take me back to him. And a couple of minutes later they were.

The sight of a small child after surgery is not for the faint of heart. My poor boy is pale in a good day in the sun, but man, he was white as a ghost. And he had a bright red cast on his little arm. The nurses were holding it down because he was pissed about that thing on his arm and he kept almost clocking himself in the face with it. He started crying immediately and sobbed to get that thing off of his arm. He just kept saying it over and over again. I tried to calm him down but he wasn't having it. He wanted to damn cast OFF!! (Not going to happen...). Finally I sat on the bed and put him on my lap and set up the DVD player which calmed him down a little. He was still doing the little heaving with his breathing because of how much he cried and every 2 minutes or so he started crying again and demanding that the cast come off. After about a half an hour they let us come home.

Here is is now, sitting on the couch under his Spiderman blanket with his fancy new red cast (that in case you were wondering, he still wants OFF. NOW!) relaxing and watching TV. He is fine, but man, I'm exhausted...

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AuntFancy said...

Congrats on getting through a tough situation. I'm so glad to hear it all went well. :)