Monday, September 28, 2009


I tend to randomly bring things up on this blog and complain about them, or need help finding solutions and then I never speak of them again. I find this annoying, so I am going to attempt to give some closure to topics that I have spoken about lately.
  • Diapers. As you all know I was using g diapers for the girl. I loved them. Well I don't know if love is the best word, but I strongly liked them. And then The Girl grew out of those cute little pants that I bought when I was pregnant (and when I had money). And I was/am broke and I couldn't afford to buy her new cute little pants in the bigger size. So I had been using disposables and feeling guilty every time I threw one out. I have a new solution. My BFF recently had a baby and is using these earth friendly diapers. She loves them. They look and feel like a disposable (and hopefully work like one too) but are treated like a cloth. There is a service that comes every week and picks them up and drops off new ones and they actually take the diapers and compost them for you at their fancy composting plant. So there are no inserts to deal with (a con of the g diapers for me), they look and act like disposables (bonus) and I don't have to do anything fancy. The price per diaper is totally equivalent to disposables but you do have to pay once a month for the deliver service. Take a look at their website. I will let you know how I am feeling about them once I get started. My delivery should be here in about a week or so.
  • My "night time dilemma" that I spoke about with bed times a couple of weeks ago. If you recall, The Girl was needing to go to sleep before The Boy but was having trouble falling asleep with him running around her all crazy. So I kept putting The Boy to bed first, although it appeared The Girl wanted to go to bed at around 7:30pm and that was far too early for The Boy. The solution? Between 7:00 and 7:30 it is jammies for everyone. Then around 7:30 I get The Boy set up with a TV show in his bedroom (usually Curious George) and he sits in his room with the lights off and watches a half an hour show. This keeps his attention (aka he doesn't leave his room and come out and bug The Girl) and allows him to wind down for the evening. I take that half an hour and do my night time routine with The Girl and get her into bed. Then once I am done with her, I go back into The Boy's room and watch the rest of his show (if it isn't over yet) and then we brush teeth and get into bed and read books. It works great because now I don't feel at all rushed with The Boy's bed time and we are reading at least 4 books a night and I can relax and enjoy him because The Girl is already asleep. It means an extra 1/2 hour of TV a day but he doesn't watch too much TV during the day and I make sure it is a PBS show that is nice and mellow.
  • My annoying post pregnancy carpal tunnel. It is bad and getting worse. I am not very good about wearing that damn brace thing because, hello, have you ever tried to take care of a baby, and cook and clean, and be a bookkeeper without moving your wrist? It makes everything all kinds of annoying. So I haven't been wearing it much. And as a result, things have gotten much worse. I can no longer even hold a pen without a significant amount of pain. So right now I am making myself wear the damn brace (except for when I meet with clients--I draw the line there) and I am going to schedule an appointment with a specialist. However after what I read about what Carey had to do for her wrist, I am not sure if I want to go there anymore...
  • Breast feeding and pumping and working. If you recall, I was freaking out a bit over the amount of milk I was pumping a day versus the amount of milk my child was drinking while at daycare. I have mellowed out and things seems to be working fine. I have not had to supplement and I don't think I will have to in the future. What I am doing is this: Every night The Girl goes to sleep around 7:30pm and gets up to eat around 5:00am. I don't pump or anything during this period of time. However, when she wakes up at 5:00am I am understandably full. So I feed her on one side only and then I get up and pump the other side. I usually get about 6 to 8 ounces at that time. I do this everyday. So even the days she isn't at daycare I do this. Therefore the days that I pump less than she eats are supplemented by this daily 6 or so ounces from the morning. Right now I am pumping on average about 14 ounces while she is gone at daycare. She eats around 16 ounces a day while there. So I am making more than she is eating at this point. Right now I have about 150 ounces frozen that is waiting to go to daycare, so we are good to go. I am getting ready to start her on rice cereal soon so I will also be using some of this frozen stuff to mix with her cereal when the time comes. But I am no longer freaking out about not making enough milk for her. We seem to be doing just fine.
  • The sickness and the medicines. Thankfully, I am finally better. And I did take some medication, but I took very little. I ended up taking Sudafed only three times (and not in a row), and there was one night that I used Afrin to breathe. And while doing all of that my supply didn't seem to be effected in the slightest. Although I did drink a ton of water while taking these medications just to be on the safe side.
Okay I think that is about all the subjects that I can remember mentioning but never achieving closure. I will update some time in the future about these new diapers and how they work, but I have high hopes. Oh, and soon I will post pictures of the new organization that took place in The Boy's room. I don't know about him but it just makes me shudder with joy. I love it when things are organized and his room was becoming quite chaotic. Now I just go sit in there and look around and smile at the fact that everything has a place and everything is in it's place. I'm so anal, I know. Happy Monday everyone!

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Carey said...

I will tell you... my wrist/thumb is feeling soooo much better!! Not 100% but so much better. It is totally worth the pain of the shot and the pain the day after the shot. Your list is lengthy, so I thought I would at least help out on this one thing!! :) Get the shot!!