Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rant and My Big Boy

Can I rant for just a minute?

I have been on the phone for 40 minutes with my damn insurance company because they decided to deny a claim. What was the claim for? My routine blood test on the very first OB appointment I had with The Girl (who is now 5 months old). So I have been getting $1,500 bills from the lab for the test. I called insurance and asked why they denied it. They said because I had to have my doctors claim medical necessity. So I called my OB's office and asked them to fax them proof of medical necessity. "What do they want?" they asked. "This is just a routine pregnancy blood test. Do they want proof of a positive pregnancy test?" "I have no idea what the hell they want. Just give them something so that they will pay the damn claim!!!"

I have spent countless hours dealing with this and it is still not taken care of. And I supposedly have really good insurance. Really good insurance that decides to deny random claims of completely mandatory and regulation blood tests. It is the most frustrating thing on the planet. I could go on and on (in fact I did...for about three paragraphs but I made myself go back and delete it because I know you people don't want to read about my insurance woes) but I will spare you. But man, I f-ing HATE insurance companies.

Okay onto other things.

1) The Boy has now gone three nights in a row wearing big boy pants to bed at night. He rules. I would venture to say we are pretty much completely potty trained. I can't remember the last time we had an accident (of course now that I said that he will come home and have one today). I had been putting him in diapers at night (mostly just to use up the ones I had left) but he has been dry for like 3 weeks. So a few nights ago he told me the diapers were itchy and wanted to keep his undies on. So I said sure. And we haven't looked back since. Go Boy.

2) We all know The Boy's eating and weight issues, right? So lately he has been looking overly emaciated to me. I don't know if it is in comparison to The Girl, or what, but man does he look skinny. You can count every single rib in the bath tub. His little knees and elbows are so bone-like. He has absolutely NO meat on his little bones. Plus I happen to know he has lost weight again recently (he was weighed for his surgery and was down a couple of pounds) so...shit. BUT! On a fluke I decided to see if maybe he had a growth spurt. And guess what? He did! He grew almost two inches since May. He is 37 inches tall now (yes, I know that it still quite short considering he will be 4 in January) but he was only 35 inches in May. So maybe that is a small explanation as to why he looks so skinny again. But hey, he needs to get taller, so I will go with that right now. And we will continue my life-long (or so it seems) battle with him over food.

3) I promised pictures of his newly organized bedroom and I am here to deliver. It still gives me a chubby every time I walk in there and see how neat it all is. He loves it too. He knows exactly where to find all his stuff and we have a great time putting things away before bed every night and before school every morning. He loves it. Check it out:
Things to note: His planets hanging from the ceiling in the upper right hand corner. He is obsessed and can recite the entire solar system to you. His red and blue DVD holders on top of the right dresser. Below that the little basket/boxes contain his matchbox cars, his bugs and spiders, his Spiderman paraphernalia, and all his cars from the movie Cars. Then all his books are in his two bookshelves on the left. And before you yell at me that my three year old has a flat screen HD TV it should be noted that this room used to be the playroom. It should also be noted that my step dad has an obsession with getting the newest and greatest TV's. So The Boy just gets his hand-me-downs. Once The Girl came it had to become The Boy's room. And I loved having a DVR that just has all his programs on it and a separate place for him to go and watch his movies OVER and OVER and OVER again. But even though it is now in his room, he watches no more TV now than he did when this was the playroom. He watches a total of about an hour and a half a day. And that is about an hour of PBS in the morning when I am getting ready for work, and now a half an hour before bed while I put The Girl to bed. He gets to watch movies sometimes on the weekends as a treat.

And now, since my mother is enjoying a day in Napa, I am off to pick up my children. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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