Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Bullet Points

  • Today is the last day of the 9 days without my mother. I have proved to myself that I can take care of my two children COMPLETELY by myself (The Ex was even in New York all week long so it was seriously JUST.ME.), although it is so exhausting I am not sure I could keep it up long term. But that being said, both kids were fed well, were bathed every other day and in general survived.
  • My Mommy arrives home tonight at 9:05pm and it is not a moment too soon.
  • One of the fish in our fish tank died last night. When The Boy noticed it today he told me he was so sad that "Charlie" was gone but that it was okay because he was "one with God." Huh? Apparently that is what they teach them at school about death because those words have NEVER come out of my mouth. But whatever, works for right now.
  • Today marks the first time I have ever heard my Boy speak with masculine and feminine definitions. He told me that I wasn't allowed to draw a Spider (so sad about that!) because girls don't like spiders. They only like Princesses. I nearly fell off my chair before he got a rather long lecture about how ALL girls don't necessarily like Princesses and how some girls DO actually like spiders. Good lord.
  • The Boy is still firmly entrenched in his love of all things Spiderman. I am MORE than done with this phase. Bring on the next phase. But it doesn't show any signs of stopping. Currently he is coveting all the "bad guys" from the Spiderman series. Here he is with a picture of Doctor Octopus, or as he is known in this house, "Doc Ock." (Note the Spiderman shirt and the Spiderman bed spread in the background...sigh...)
  • The Girl is growing up WAY too fast for my liking. She can already sit up and here she is on all fours rocking away, getting ready to crawl. I am NOT happy about this. Seriously. She is already scooting backwards all over the place. Leave her alone for a few minutes and you come out to find her wedged underneath the couch or the ottoman. It is too soon. Plus, I never had to actually baby-proof the house for The Boy. You just told him no and he went on his way. I am pretty sure that is NOT going to be the case for this one. She is everywhere. Even now if you hand her one of her toys, she chucks it across the room and reaches for the remote/iPhone/glass of water etc. She is a handful.
  • She had her 6 month well baby checkup a few days ago. Here are her stats: 16.2 pounds (a little over the 50th percentile), 25 1/2 inches (a little under the 50th percentile) and her head was 43 1/2 cm (around the 75th percentile). I know I have said this before, but it is just so weird to have a child that is right around "normal." I don't know what you are supposed to talk to the doctor about at the visits when this is the case. It is fabulous, but just so...out of the ordinary for me.
  • I need some advice, internets. Either I don't remember The Boy doing this, or else he just never did. One of the other "cute" new things The Girl is doing is blowing raspberries. She puckers up those little lips and lets the spit fly. It's charming. EXCEPT, of course, when I am feeding her. If I am attempting to feed her anything besides apples or pears (which is not a well rounded nutritious lifestyle) she puckers up those little lips and blows. Food goes everywhere. She thinks she is hysterical. I don't remember what the protocol is at her age. Right now I am telling her a firm "NO" and then pushing the spoon against her lips so she can't blow as well. It isn't working so well. Anyone have any other ideas on how to make her stop and just eat the damn food? Here is exhibit A of her last night after my attempting to give her green beans with rice cereal. Note the splatter of green everywhere, and also note the big ass smile indicating that she thinks she is a comic of epic proportions. Any ideas?

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AuntFancy said...

Aww, poor Charlie! RIP fishy.

You know how they say your kids pay you back for what you did to your parents? I think the Boy is paying you back with his spider obsession for the snake your mother let you keep in the house when you were a kid. LOL!