Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Just A Little Rain...

It cracks me up when we Californians FREAK OUT over a little rain. Today marks the first storm of the season and if you happen to go outside you would think it is the end of the world. Power is out, there are huge puddles everywhere, police cars are driving around with their lights going, the traffic is insane. It is sort of amusing. I mean I think about people living in other areas of the United State, and even the world, and they have to be better prepared for this foreign thing known as rain. I mean, it happens every year. You would think one of these times we would figure out how to handle it.

This morning I busted my rump to get myself and two rain-clad children out of the house in time for The Boy's speech therapy which starts at 8:30 and is about 20 minutes away. (I have already complained that his school district speech therapy is inconveniently located at a school almost a half an hour away). So I finally get The Boy to stop jumping in puddles and get them both in the car to pull out of my street and come to a halt. Apparently the stop lights were all out near my house. I live very close to an exit off the freeway and the stop lights not working made everyone forget about how we are supposed to treat it as a four way stop. So everyone just sort of sat there looking at each other. I sat there for almost 20 minutes and had moved literally 10 feet. Okay. No speech therapy for us today.

So I took the kids to school a little early and let The Boy jump in puddles outside. He loved it. The upside to all of this nonsense? Look at how cute they looked in their little winter/rain outfits (pics from iphone so excuse quality...):

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