Thursday, September 24, 2009

Internet, I Need Your Help!

First let's talk about the good.

I made it through an entire pregnancy and 5 months of my baby's life without getting sick once. I rule!

Now the bad:

I am ssiiiiiiccckkkk!! (she says whining...) Sick, sick, sick! And I am not happy about it.

And for the first time in, I can't remember back this far, it did not come from my child and/or his daycare/school. Amazingly enough both of my kids appear healthy while I walk around on death's door mat. Although I should say that I keep staring at each child just waiting for the first sign that they have contracted my evil cold from hell.

So internet, I need your help. I remember from my pregnancy with The Boy that Sudafed is safe to take while pregnant. (And not that lame over the counter PE crap. I am talking about the stuff you have to show your drivers license to get. The good stuff). And pretty much nothing else. So I googled to see if it was also safe to take while breast feeding, which I assumed it was. And it is. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, apparently it is linked to lowering milk supply. Like up to 24% lower. And that sucks. A lot. I furiously emailed my step sister, who also happens to be a lactation consultant and is therefore my go-to person on all things boob related, in the hopes that this was all one big farce and that I could take my little red pills happily. She wrote back that she had personal experience with people who had their milk supply lowered by taking Sudafed.


She said that if it helped that I could take Tylenol. I don't know about you, but Tylenol never helped me to breathe better. And I seriously can't breathe. Like no air flow whatsoever. And I am getting a little bit cranky about it.

Here is what I have tried. I slept last night with my kids' humidifier on high. I have used the saline nasal spray more times than I care to recount. And I put one of those eucalyptus herbal packs on my chest several times. And I am still miserable. I am about to haul out the Afrin and say screw it! What am I not doing? What can I take that won't A) kill my child, and B) dry up my precious breast milk? HELP!!!

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