Sunday, April 5, 2009

Because...Of Course!!

As if there weren't enough things going on in this household, everyone now has "The Bad Germs" as my son refers to them.  My mom started it with a sore throat and feeling yucky and as of this morning she is fully sick.  Just down right can't breathe, coughing constantly and feeling horrific.  Then this entire weekend The Boy has felt a little warm, hasn't had much of an appetite (which for him basically means he stops eating all together) and has been a little clingy.  When I heard the sneezes starting last night (he sneezed about 10 times in an hour), I knew what was coming.  All night long I heard the little sneezes and coughs from his bed, but God bless him, he didn't wake up or call out to me.  The first thing I heard from him this morning was at 5:45am when the bastard cat was howling to be let out.  I hear over the monitor in a small voice, "Regis, dop it!"  And then about 5 minutes later he called out to me to go and get him (he still doesn't climb out of his big boy bed by himself; he calls me when he's ready to get out) and proceeded to confirm to me that he does, in fact, have "The Bad Germs."

So all morning long we have been dealing with the green snotty sneezes from hell and the coughing and the general lamenting about how utterly sick he is.  In fact, while typing this he just came out and turned his face up at me so I could see inside his nose and proceeded to inform me that he had "boogies" and needed me to deal with them.  I got the old diaper rag out and made him blow and off he went back into his little cave of a room to finish watching Bolt (which for some reason is his newest obsession).

And me?  The person who is due to give birth by surgery of course?  I have the sore throat and my nose is starting to snot up.  Which means that this cold should probably be hitting me full force right around the time that my doctors say that it is time to head to hospital to try and birth this baby.  Because, OF COURSE!!  

On a happier note (since I seem to be incapable of posting pleasant things these days, and I sincerely apologize for that...) my contractions seem to be responding well to the medication so while they are still here and are adding to the uncomfortable-ness that is my pregnancy overall, it doesn't seem that they are going to send me to the hospital for it anytime soon.  I think I might just very well be pregnant forever.  And on that note, I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!

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AuntFancy said...

Oh no! Not "da bad germs"! I'll be packing my Airborne this week. ;)