Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Onward We Go...

Just a quick post to update from today's doctor appointment.  I was fine.  I am the picture of health.  :)  My blood pressure was actually down and the nurse said, "You must have had a good weekend..."  Well if ignoring doctors orders and bed rest equals a good weekend in your book, then yes, I did...  

We got hooked up to the NST machine and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  I swear they forgot about me beating away in that room.  When someone did finally come in to check on me she said, "So the word on the street is that you're done with this pregnancy."  Great.  I am so glad that my cheery disposition has leaked its way into the entire staff.  Mental note: Must stop being such a bitch.  But I digress...  Then she followed that up with, "Well your baby isn't doing much of anything..."  Aka, she appears to be failing the test at this time.  So here, drink some water and we'll just leave you hooked up to these machines where you can't move for ANOTHER HOUR.

I swear my hips and right leg were completely asleep, as were my arms.  Everything hurt.  And what happens when a 9 month pregnant person drinks water?  Right.  Pee.  So I am half asleep, needing to pee, and laying there mentally wondering how long I would have to lay there before they realized that I had perished in their exam room.  Finally they came back, declared that the baby had passed, and I was free to go.  It was also noted that "I appear to be having rather consistent, somewhat severe contractions."  Really?!?!?  I hadn't noticed...  They also said that her heart rate was going down a little during contractions so that was something to watch, but the moral of the story is that I was set free.

I have one more appointment on Thursday and that is it.  It seems so weird to be this near the end.  I mean, after Thursday I am not going to go back to their office until 6 weeks after the baby is born.  Seems so odd.  I will miss my favorite nurse.  I see her twice a week now.  We have a standing date.  Who is going to be my new date?  Apparently my newborn child?  Huh.  But I can see the finish line.  Five more days until her birthday.  Can't really wrap my head around it.

Random fact:  The Boy was due on the 20th and I had him on the 5th.  The girl is due on the 5th and I am having her on the 20th.  Just thought about that in the shower this morning.

37 weeks today, people.  I can't believe I have made it this far.

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Carey said...

Yeah for 37 weeks!!!!!! AWESOME. You've made it!