Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Officially Christmas In My House

Not to sound too much like an annoying parent, but it was another wonderful weekend in our house. The Boy is having SO much fun with the holiday season and it just makes me so happy to watch him. As noted on my previous post, we spent Friday visiting The Boy's old daycare providers. They turned into good friends over the period of time that The Boy was with them. Right around his second birthday they decided they were going to be done doing daycare (oh, such a sad day that was for me...), after over 30 years of doing it, and they were going to sell their house and move down to the beach. And that is exactly what they did. They ended up buying a GORGEOUS house about a 10 minute drive from their favorite beach. So we went down there on Friday to have lunch and visit with them. And as you saw from the pictures, we swung by the beach on our way back out of town. It was great to see them and was a fabulous day. Then, as per usual, the gay boyfriends came over for dinner on Friday night and we had a little fondue party. Some Christmas music and a fire in the fireplace made it perfect.

Then on Saturday The Boy went over to my mom's house so I could get some work done. I am completely swamped at work and needed about 4 hours to do some serious catch up. He was thrilled to death to spend the morning with his Gigi and Poppy and went with them on all their errands, charming everyone in his path. Once he woke up from his nap, The Ex and I drove over to my mom's house and we all went to "cut down" a Christmas tree. I used to make a whole day trip of it and go up into the mountains and actually cut down a tree. However the last couple of years, with a small child in tow, it has been just as fabulous to head to the local nursery and get our tree there. Surprisingly, the trees bought from the nursery seem to last MUCH longer and don't get dry nearly as fast as those I got when I was cutting them down. Go figure. But The Boy had a blast. He ran from tree to tree yelling, "Dis one Mommy?" "NO! Too small. How 'bout dis one?" It was adorable. We got our tree and headed home. The Ex was nice enough to put the tree in the stand for me and I was able to get the lights on Saturday night before it was time for The Boy to head to bed. He only agreed to go to bed based on the fact that he would get to do "ornments" the next day.

Sunday I finally got a chance to meet up with some friends of mine that I have been trying to see for ages. They are a lesbian couple and have a beautiful little daughter who is 4 months old. I had not seen them in at least 5 years so it was great to reconnect with them and meet their little girl. I really want The Boy to have some other people in his world that have "two Mommies" so it was great to reconnect with a couple similar to what he knows as his own family.

After nap time it was finally time to decorate the Christmas tree. He was so excited. The first words out of his mouth when I went in to get him after his nap was, "ornments now Mommy? Pees?" He really got into it this year. He wanted a step stool so he could put the ornaments in all the "right places." Here he is focusing on the job at hand...
And just in case you think that he was all seriousness about his task, take a look at proof that he is still the goofball he has always been:
And just a little amusing story... The Boy seems to be at the fun phase where he has learned to take off his clothes by himself. Of course he does this at the least ideal times. He did it Friday at lunch with his daycare ladies. We were all sitting in the dining room finishing and he had gone back into another room to play and he came running out, totally naked except his socks and shoes and yelled, "Surprise!" Charming... And then last night he went to bed at his normal time (8:00pm) and I heard him chatting on the monitor for a while, which is totally normal so I didn't even bother to look at the monitor (we have a video monitor). I headed back to bed around 9:45ish and noticed that he was still making random noises from his room. I always go in to check on him and cover him before I go to bed, so I went into his room to do that. I found a naked boy laying in his bed going, "...cold...Mommy...cold..." Um yeah, ya think so? It's December child! So I went to change his diaper and get him dressed and, of course, my hands were freezing so he yelled at me that I made him cold. He curled up on the changing table in the fetal position and said to himself, "nice and warm...nice and warm..." like some sort of mantra. He was cracking me up. So I finally got him dressed and put his blankets over him and said, "Please leave your jammies on so you can stay warm. Mommy is going to bed now." "Okay Mommy," he replied. "I no do it again. Too cold!" And with that he shut his eyes and went to sleep.

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Billy said...

Nice pics :-)

It's probably fun to be able to take of your clothes by yourself, but poor thing not being able to put them back on again..