Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All Is Well, Plus BONUS!!

So all is well on the blood pressure front. Of course my pressure was great when I was in the office today and she said that most likely things are just going a little bit wonky because of all the cardio vascular changes going on in my system right now. She said lots of women experience dizziness or "spells" around this time due to all the stuff that is changing. But they were very glad I called and came in. They checked my urine (exciting, right?) and since I already have another appointment scheduled for the 19th of December, just said that they would see me then. So all very good, but I am glad I called. Like I have said, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Okay so here is where it gets fun. Of course my unborn child was being uncooperative and she could not locate the heart beat. So we went to the next room to check on him/her via ultrasound. Of course I told the nurse to please look for the heart beat around the crotch area because I was dying to know the sex and the mean people were making me wait another week and a half. (I am 19 weeks today, and with The Boy I found out the sex around 17 or 18 weeks, so I know it is late enough to be able to see something). She, of course, laughed at me and proceeded to have the machine right where you could see the baby and the heart beat (beating away beautifully at approx 155 beats per minute) but the screen cut off right around mid tummy. So I begged her to move down just a little, and she did, and we saw a bit of a crotch shot. I couldn't see anything there (I could definitely see something there with The Boy), and asked her opinion but of course she just smiled and said she wasn't trained to be a stenographer (is that right?) so she really couldn't guess. But based on the shot I saw, I would have guessed girl. But wait...we aren't done yet!

So I go outside the room and am standing there while she checks my urine (to determine if I need to do a blood draw) and I run into my favorite nurse that was with me all during The Boy's pregnancy and was the one who treated my blood pressure issues last time (see last post). She asks why I am there and I tell her blood pressure and she freaks and we talk about it...it's fine...etc... So she asks if I know what I'm having yet and I tell her that no, they are making me wait until next Friday but that the other nurse and I just tried to take a peek but that the other nurse wasn't talking. She said, "Well do you mind if I take a peek?" Mind?!?! Um...NO! She said that after all we had been through together she deserved to be the first one to find out. (Have I mentioned how much I love her?) I whole heartedly agreed. So she told me to go back out into the waiting room and as soon as one of the rooms opened up she would call me and we would get a "sneak peek."

How happy and excited was I? So I will skip over the rest of the details to the part you are all dying to know...it appears to BE A GIRL!!! She said she was about 95% sure. The little bugger was moving all over the place and every time she got the exact crotch shot to see the "hamburger" (apparently they either look for a hot dog [boy] or a hamburger [girl]), the little sucker moved. But she saw it two different times. And we had plenty of open legged shots to look at, and neither one of us, during all of those shots, ever saw a penis. And like I said, it was blatantly obvious with The Boy. And what I saw with The Boy was definitely not there. Now since this was all on the DL (down low), it isn't official. But it looks like I am having a little girl. Holy crap. I am so excited I might die. A little boy and a little girl. The perfect family. I am still hesitant to believe it for sure, but it is pretty darn close. A little girl. MY little girl. My perfect little daughter. I can't believe it. I haven't even told any family (except of course my mother who screamed first, and cried second), but all my internet friends get to know. We find out for sure on the 19th, but it looks like a girl. Wow...


AuntFancy said...

CONGRATS!! I could not be happier for you. The Boy is going to make the best big brother to his little sister. Yay!

After Hours said...


I'll stock you up on lip stick and stuff...You'll LOVE it!

Billy said...

Wonderful news!