Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Post...

I have a ton of work to get to so just a few bullet points:
  • The Boy had a visit with his Daddy last night. I can't put into words how happy it makes him. Although the three years we tried (unsuccessfully) to get pregnant with frozen sperm SUCKED, it seems as though things happen for a reason and this is how our family was supposed to end up.
  • If The Girl's top tooth (there's one left out of the top four) doesn't come through soon I might have to physically go in there with my fingers and pull the little bastard out. I feel so bad for her. She is miserable.
  • For the first time, today The Boy declared his room to be a "No sister zone." He has been shutting the door on her for a while now but today he pulled her out of his room (not an easy feat for my little dude) and shut the door behind her only to re-open it again and scream, "My room is NOT for sisters anymore!" (Granted she had just ripped his Green Eggs and Ham book...)
  • The Girl scaled the baby gate for the first time. I looked over and her feet were not on the floor! She was trying to climb it! Never in a million years would The Boy have actually tried to climb something. He still doesn't. Of course then she started screaming because she didn't know how to get her feet back on the floor. And of course rather than helping her, I ran to get the camera first, snapped a picture, and then helped her down from the floor.
  • This morning when I was getting dressed The Boy said, "Mommy? You gonna put another baby in your tummy soon?" To which I answered NO quite loudly and told him there would be no more babies in Mommy's tummy. Then he said, "You glad we are out here now and not in der anymore huh Mommy..." More than he will ever know...

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