Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When My Son Channels Chris Farley

The Boy talks just to hear himself speak on most days. I still can't get over how much money I paid out in speech therapy given that on most days I would kill to just get him to be quiet for like 10 minutes. I mean, don't get me wrong...I love to hear what he has to say, it's just that most of the time there isn't much substance to his words. He literally just wants to hear his own voice.

This morning we were driving his sister to daycare before we took him to school and he was rambling on the entire way. I had on my radio show in the background so I was sorta tuning him out until I had these flashes that I had heard what he was saying somewhere before. So I started to listen more closely...

"Mommy. The oder day I was in my room and I was watching Spiderman and it was where Spiderman fights Electro and den Electro goes down into da big building and den he tries to shoot Spiderman with his electricity and den Spiderman puts on boots and den dey fight for a while and den...den dey don't fight anymore... Mommy. You remember dat?"

And I have to answer. He will continue to ask me until I confirm that yes, I do indeed remember such an event.

"But Mommy. Yesterday I was in my class and my teacher she tell me that we gonna learn da numbers so I hafta listen. So den I listen and we talk all about da numbers but den I tell her dat I don't wanna talk about numbers a'cause I think we should be talking about bugs and she tells me no but I still wanna... Mommy. You remember dat?"

"Mommy. Yesterday when we were in Hawaii I tell you dat I don't wanna eat my dinner because I just wanna play in the sand and you tell me '[Boy], you have to eat dinner, we can't play in the sand right now' and then I got sad a'cause you were so mean to me and den you never let me go to the sand because you were so mean... Mommy. You remember dat?"

I kid you not. This went on for the entire ride to school (and we are in the car for over a half an hour). All I could think of was that old Chris Farley sketch on Saturday Night Live where he used to interview all the famous people and he would be like, "Remember when you made that movie and you got to fly all those cool airplanes and stuff...remember that?"

Perhaps you had to be there. If you made it through this entire post I will reward you with a picture of The Boy when he was "in the pink." His left eye totally infected with pink eye.

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