Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick! Buy a Lottery Ticket!

...because I am feeling lucky today.

I have talked on here probably more than I should have about the fact the my little dude is a little, shall we say, "reserved?" He has never been the kid running around the play ground with the other kids. And I am okay with that. But lately he has really come into his own. I think this new school is helping tremendously with that. Today we went to a birthday party at a local little zoo place and after the party I said we could go anywhere in the park and do anything he wanted to do. I told him I was going to follow him (I was inspired by Finding Chaos and their trip to Disneyland so he was out of the stroller walking and I was following him pushing The Girl in The Bob) but that he was leading the way. Much to my surprise he led me to the play ground area. It should be noted that if I was in charge of where I took him, I would have never gone to the play ground area. He immediately started climbing up a little net and looked over at me and told me he was a spider and he was climbing on his web. Then he went further and further and well...check this shit out!
That little dot of yellow? That's MY BOY people! Can you believe that? I was there by myself practically crying I was so proud of him. I wanted to scream at all the people around us, "LOOK AT HIM!!" "That's MY kid up there." "No. You don't understand...he doesn't DO this stuff..." I couldn't believe it. As soon as he reached that top level he wanted to come down. He said it was a little shaky for him. So he did. He made it down all by himself.

I swear to God it's moments like these that make parenting this amazing child so worth it. Speaking of that, for any of you out there who might be reading this and who might have a child that is similar to my son in any way, I was recommended a book that is just fabulous. I am only about 60 pages into it (who has time to read anyway?) but I feel like it was written just for me all about my child. It is called "The Highly Sensitive Child" by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. It is so unbelievably helpful. At the beginning it lists 23 different traits of "HSC's" and tells you to make a check by any that resemble your child. If 13 or more fit your child then you probably have an "HSC." I checked 21 out of 23. I will get more into this in another post because it deserves a post all of its own, but part of reading this book has taught me to embrace the child that he is. It has taught me that he doesn't have to play on the play ground like all the other kids to make him fabulous. And just when I go and accept him for exactly who he is? Well he goes and plays like a rock star.
Today was a good day. A good, good day. Hope yours is too.

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AuntFancy said...

That's awesome, good for him!!