Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Damn Shots


My baby is a MESS y'all.

I have no idea why I'm talking like that. Could be the sleep deprivation, could be the constant touch of a one year old who WON'T.LEAVE.MY.SIDE...I don't know.

I already told you about the fevers. Four full days of them to be correct. Let's recount, shall we? She got the evil shots of death on Wednesday of last week. Wednesday was fine. Thursday she had a low grade fever and slept a lot. Friday her fever went higher and she slept even more. Saturday the fever reached 103 degrees and was generally pretty miserable. Oh, and she also developed a little rash on her girlie parts. Sunday she slept and slept and slept and had a fever of about 101. Monday she went back to school.

When I picked her up they said she hadn't napped at all (which was completely surprising given the sleep fest over the weekend) but that she had been in good spirits and hadn't been overly clingy. Oh, but she seems to be developing a bit of diaper rash. And she had several loose poops. Great. Fantastic. Today she was also at school, apparently slept for 2 hours and her diaper rash got worse. Like when you look at it your skin immediately cringes for the pain that must be going on in hers. Nasty redness and bumps and SCREAMING when cleaning a poop or anything of the sort; not that I blame her. She was clearly exhausted when she got home from daycare tonight but refused the little cat nap I offered her. She ate dinner but generally wasn't all that thrilled with food and would randomly start screaming for no reason, look really pitiful and then go back to eating (maybe when she was peeing and it hurt?). She took her hands and rubbed all over her ears and face and head while eating (and I know what you're thinking but she rubs her ears all the time and I just had the pediatrician look at her ears on Wednesday and he said they were beautiful) so after dinner there was no choice but to have a bath. Even though she had one last night.

So I bathed her and she seemed to enjoy herself. When she stood up in the sink and turned around I noticed a rash all over her little back. And going down the front of her neck...and now that I look at it...pretty much all over her little body. I caked her little self in Desitin and wrapped her up in her most comfy sleeper and proceeded to try and make her feel better. She was pitiful though. Whiny, crying, wanting to be held but then crying to get down and then crying because, "Why the hell did you put me down Mommy...I CLEARLY want to be up..." I gave her some Tylenol and decided to nurse her and put her to sleep a half an hour early. While nursing she stopped and pulled away and just started screaming (again...maybe peeing? I have no clue...) and then chomped down on my boob when she went back for more (that was charming; we have avoided any biting thus far). She did the same thing on the other side. Then blissfully she fell asleep while nursing and I put her in her bed.

I assume this is the shots. I mean, it's the shots, right? The doctor specifically told me she could get a rash about a week after the shots. And the fevers had to be the shots. And the loose stools that caused the diaper rash from hell? Has to be the shots, right?



Laraf123 said...

OMG--sounds like your daughter is feeling miserable. Until I read the part where the dr. specifically said she could get a rash (I had never heard that) I thought maybe she picked up a virus while at the office last Wed. It's so hard when our children are ill--especially when they are too young to tell us what would make them feel better. Hang in there. I hope she's much improved today.

cmay said...

Oh, how painful for you both.
I hope she feels better soon. That sure is a heck of a reaction to vaccine!
Old school rash advice: a scoop of baking soda in the bath water will give her good relief from diaper rash and help dry it up fast.