Sunday, April 25, 2010


We have had lots of "firsts" around here lately. First time being a whole year old has led to some new things for The Girl. Our pediatrician is one who doesn't want the kids to have diary until they are a year old (I know that's not a general rule, but it's one we followed) so recently The Girl has tried out yogurt and string cheese. She LOVED the cheese, but no so much the yogurt. I will keep trying though, she ate more today than she did yesterday, so perhaps it is an acquired taste. She also had whole milk with her breakfast today. She spit it out and looked at me like, "What the hell is this?" when I gave her a sippy cup full of it. But she went back a couple of times and ended up drinking about an ounce. Not too horrible for her first time.

This is also the "first" time we have had any reaction to immunization shots. She got the chicken pox and something else at her one year checkup on Wednesday. She was okay Wednesday, a little fussy on Thursday and then got a fever on Friday. She was sleeping like crazy and had a fever of around 100 all day long. Not too bad and I attributed it to her shots. Then yesterday she still had a fever all day long and it went as high as 103 but stayed down around 100 when I kept the Tylenol in her. Today so far we are in the 101 range. Three days of fevers? She has never had a fever before in her whole little life. She is pretty pitiful. At first I was enjoying the "cuddly" baby but after three days she has transitioned from "cuddly" to "clingy" and I just want my healthy, happy little girl back. Damn shots.

I am going to try and cut out her daytime nursings now that she is one. But with the fevers, that hasn't worked out so well so far. She wants to nurse cause she feels crappy, and who can really blame her? So I haven't been pushing it. (Plus she hasn't even been one for a whole week yet). But today I put her down for her morning nap without nursing her first for the first time. I offered her that leftover sippy cup of milk. She took one big swig of it, spit that out, and then said, "all done." So I put her in her crib and she passed out. Poor sweetie.

The Boy is awesome even though I haven't been posting very much about him lately. He is absolutely obsessed with the "Life" series on the Discovery channel. He loves it. His favorites are "Insect," "Reptiles and Amphibians," "Plants," and "Fish." But he will watch any of them. He has his very own live caterpillars in his room that are going to turn into butterflies (perhaps you've seen the commercials on Sprout, like he did?) and he is obsessed with watching them. He is ALL about all things bugs right now. Bugs and nature. He loves it. Side note: One of the sponsors of the "Life" program is Volkswagen with those charming commercials, so now he runs around the house, punches either me or his sister on the arm, grins and yells, "Green one!" And then runs off. Thanks so much for that Volkswagen. Appreciate it.

And as a reward for making it through this entire post here are The Boy's very first school photos. I assumed they would be horrible with a cheesy background and his very unpleasant fake smile, but I was pleasantly surprised. Check out my model:

Such a little stud! Albeit a stud that will punch you in the arm yelling, "Red one!"


Laraf123 said...

Wow--those are great school photos! I'm going to have to check out the LIFE series--I think my 3 year old may enjoy that! My 14 month old loves dairy but hates pasta--go figure!

AuntFancy said...

He's the cutest boy in the whole wide world! Not that I'm partial or anything...