Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Tis the Season

Today was the day that we went all the way into the woods to find "the perfect tree." The Boy had been talking about it all week long so it was time to indulge him. Plus, he really is at the most amazing age for the holidays. He talks about Santa all the time and constantly tells me to put the Christmas music on the radio in the car. His Grammie got him a chocolate advent calendar which is the highlight of his day when he gets home from school. So he is quite the festive little dude. He makes me smile on a daily basis.

Since The Girl is awake in her crib but not yet screaming, and The Boy literally just went down for his nap, and I have a load of clothes in the dryer that just beeped at me and several batches of baby food to make up this afternoon I will make this quick. We found a nice little tree that will go wonderfully in our living room. Here is a family shot next to "the perfect tree."
It's not easy to hold both of those kids at once! Mercy! And here is a close up shot of Peanut, who although very bundled up in her cute little outfit, still managed to let her nose get a little red in the chilly air...
And finally...Mr. Festive himself. He came home and "helped" The Ex get the tree into the stand and bring it into the house. Then he "helped" put the lights on and bring in his stocking. In the box out in the garage he found his "perfect Santa hat" from last year. Although that was NOT his hat as it barely stayed on his head today, much less a year ago. But damn if he doesn't look cute in his 'born to rock' shirt and his Santa hat.
During what can sometimes be a very stressful time of the year I am reminded daily by my kids to just slow down and enjoy the JOY that is the holiday season. Seeing the holidays through a child's eyes really does bring back the magic and love that I felt as a young child. I hope that when my kids are adults and stressed out about property taxes and buying gifts and making sure to spend quality time with all the extended family...I hope that they can remember back to these precious years that they are having now and have nothing but peace in their hearts.


Calliope said...

the photo with all three of you?? so so so cute!

K said...

Wow, you have some serious muscles! :-)

I love your sentiment at the end about these being the years your children will look back on. I think about that so often. I feel a lot of responsibility when I consider this is E's one and only childhood, and it's on me to make it as amazing and stimulating and wondrous and full as it can be. I'm not complaining - I wouldn't trade the privilege for anything in the world - but I am often impressed by how important it all feels.

Great pics - thanks for sharing!