Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My blog is being neglected...

I really wish it weren't. But if it makes you all feel better, it is not the only thing in my life that is being neglected. Currently there is a load of dark clothes in my dryer that has been there for two days. There is a layer of filth on my floors because they haven't been mopped in over a month. There is a stack of paperwork sitting on my desk that needs to be filled out for The Boy's new school (which he is starting Monday--deserves its own post). There are Christmas presents to be bought, a tree to be found and somewhere lurking inside of me I know there must be a Christmas spirit that I will be able to locate. Perhaps if sleep were one of the things that were NOT being neglected then I would have found it by now... Things are being neglected all over the place.

But to show you all we are still alive and kicking, here are a few pictures. Here is The Peanut in all her cuteness (my mother loves to make her hair into a "bam bam," so you'll have to excuse the fancy look...)
And here are The Boy and The Girl on Thanksgiving...including The Boy's fake smile that he insists on using in all pictures right now (very annoying)!
And here are the kids in their matching jammies. If I weren't so tired I would tell you all how very misty it makes me to have two kids that get to wear matching jammies for Christmas...
And finally, here is a pic of The Girl at a Parade of Lights that we went to on Sunday night. She, like all of us, was doing her best not to freeze to death.
I swear I will be back with some sort of real post very soon...

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