Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Miss Blogging

I really do. This new work project is forcing me to work like a fiend all day long while my kids are in daycare, then come home and do dinner and baths and get them to bed, only to do another shift of work before I am finally able to relax and go to bed myself. It is exhausting to say the least. I just put the kids down and I am about to start my "second shift," but I miss writing here. Life is going on around me while I am busy working and I am missing it. So let's do some bullet points so at least I can get a little bit off my chest.
  • My 93 year old grandmother's house sold today. She moved out right before Christmas time into an assisted living facility. It's much better for her. But I am having all sorts of weird emotions about someone else being inside the house that was only owned by my Grandmother and Grandfather (they were the original owners). I spend every major holiday of my entire life (not an exaggeration) in that house. And now someone else will. Very odd.
  • My daughter is a brute. Seriously. In some ways it cracks me up and in other ways I am worried about the future when she is bigger than her brother and will seriously be beating the crap out of him on a regular basis. She steals a book from him? He looks at me wounded-like and I tell him, "Take it back." He tries but she grabs harder and spins her body away from him. And he just gives up. I know he is taught to never take a toy (or anything for that matter) from another kid with his Montessori training, but seriously. She is 1 and he is 4 and she always wins. Always. It's a little bit funny. Just a little bit.
  • The other day we were getting a splinter out of his foot and he was laying in my lap while The Ex worked with the pin and the tweezers at his feet. He was traumatized by the entire ordeal. However his sister wanted to get into my lap (I am trying to wean her off of her daytime nursing sessions and it was almost 3:00pm and she hadn't been nursed since 6:00am and she WANTED it; and wanted it NOW!). So while he lie there being stressed, she was literally grabbing him by the hair and trying to pull him out of my lap. She also tried to wedge her head underneath his shoulder and push him out that way. She's a pushy little thing. Again, only slightly amusing.
  • The bug/insect/spider/plant/nature obsession continues over here. I cannot even tell you all how many conversations I have had about different types of beetles and how all insects have a head, an abdomen and a thorax, and the intricate inner-workings of how a Venus Flytrap eats a fly. People who encounter my son always comment on how smart he is... But I think they are missing the OCD portion of the obsession. Yes, he's smart, but seriously. Today he took all of my mother's silk flowers and all of his play bees and he pollinated all of the flowers. He spent an hour doing this and discussing all the details of each process he accomplished. He is going to be a little scientist. Or a crazy person.
  • On that note he brought home a dead bee from school the other day in a plastic cup. He carried that thing around for hours telling anyone who would listen to all the different parts of the bee. At the end of the night when I tried to throw away the DEAD BUG, he had melt down. He told me, "My teacher said I could keep it." I said, "She probably meant it was okay for you to bring it home. But we aren't keeping it. It's a dead bug, and it's dirty. It needs to go back out into nature so...I don't natural things can happen to it." He thought about that for a minute and said, "You're probably right. I know a hungry spider outside that I met earlier that could really use a good meal..."
  • The Girl took 4 steps yesterday and 5 today. They are still REALLY wobbly, but it isn't far away. She stands all the time by herself and thinks about taking a step but usually just decides to sit down and crawl. After all, it is MUCH more efficient. And wherever she happens to be going, I guarantee she's in a hurry.
  • She turns 13 months old tomorrow. Sheesh.
  • I will no longer be doing monthly letters. I will do an 18 month letter and a 2 year old letter and then go to every year from then on.
  • I know you will all now be able to sleep tonight knowing what my plan is for my letters to my children.
  • Okay I have gotten a little slap happy. Time to end this post and go back to work.
I miss writing and venting. I miss sitting on my ass at the end of a long day and watching a TV show. I miss going to bed earlier than 11:00 and getting up later than 5:45am. I miss just hanging out with my kids and not thinking about all the things that need to be done. I think things should slow down a little bit shortly. At least I can hope.


Laraf123 said...

I hope you will continue blogging (and venting). I can identify with your busy schedule and the antics at home. My 1 year old son is also a brute. He wins (and starts for that matter) most physical contests with his 3 year old brother. I don't know whether to laugh or discipline him!

AuntFancy said...

Thanks for the update! I can NOT wait to get to the mountains this summer with the boy and explore all that nature has to offer with him. I know it's kind of disgusting, but I really hope to catch some fish so I can show him how to clean them and teach him about all their different parts. Just like our grandfather did with us. ;) But if we see a snake, he's on his own. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!

P.S. It does feel VERY weird with the house being sold.