Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Might Be Taking It A Little Far...

We have talked about how my son is a tad obsessed with all things nature, right? Well I know that some of that was sparked by watching the Life Series on the Discovery Channel. It is an 11 part series and one of those episodes focused on plants. Of course he loved it (he loved all of them). But his very favorite part of that particular episode? The Venus Fly Trap. He is fascinated by it. He started by drawing pictures of it (as scanned below):
And since then he talks about that particular plant and seems to have the same obsession value as...say...the chameleon who has the abnormally long tongue that snaps out to eat the praying mantis. Which is to say he likes it. He likes it a lot.

Unrelated: The Boy spends every Saturday morning with The Ex for about 4 hours. Several weeks ago on one of their mornings together they went to the plant store and bought seeds and planted stuff in my side yard. One of the things they planted was peas (the others being corn, carrots, pumpkins and watermelons) and they have grown considerably since then and it is now time to purchase some sort of trellis or something to contain the peas. I expressed that to The Ex this morning and she proceeded to take him to the garden store.

He came home with this:
Yes. It is. That is one actual Venus Flytrap. And my son is the proud owner. And if you look carefully you can see that on one of the leaves (?) near the top it actually has its "lunch" in there. I guess once they got home my son scoured the backyard and found a dead bee, which he promptly picked up and put inside the leaf (?) of this plant. And being that it eats dead things, it promptly closed up and is in the process of consuming said dead bee. I am beyond thrilled.

But my son? Well he is a whole new level of excited. In fact excited doesn't even really do justice to his feelings. He is calling this plant his "new best friend" and it had to reside directly above him on his window sill during his nap this afternoon, and it had to go with him from room to room ALL. NIGHT. LONG. tonight. Seriously. And when it was time for bed? He actually kissed it.

But look at the excitement on that face. As mortified as I am, just look at his little face...
How can you argue with that? Plus he has the best show and tell EVER for school this week. His teacher's gonna LOVE me... :)


AuntFancy said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to meet the new friend. And I thought of The Boy last night while I watched a spider descend from my living room ceiling to the floor. ;)

Calliope said...

wow! That *is* kind of cool! The smile on his face is so perfect.

Billy said...

That's a beautiful drawing! And a lovely smile :-).