Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bullets for a Chaotic Mind

  • We're doing bullets today because, well...it's a Monday
  • Actually no, it's Tuesday. Damnit! I have no clue what day it is. That's why I didn't realize last night was a Monday night and subsequently forgot to take out my garbage cans and therefore totally missed the garbage pick up this morning. That completely sucks.
  • I only realized this after my son had screamed "Mommy, garbage man! Mommy, garbage man..." like three times this morning. I suck.
  • My daughter slept for 8 hours last night. 8 long hours people. I feel more rested than I have in a year. And I also feel like I am carrying around two rocks on my chest because of the backup of no eating overnight.
  • I am currently pumping to alleviate said pain. It's insane the amount of milk boobies can make. I'm just sayin'...
  • I am nervous about returning to work and what it will mean for breast feeding my daughter. I SO don't want to lose this amazing feeding relationship we have developed and my supply went to shit once I went back to work with my son.
  • BUT, he was never actually put to breast. I only pumped for him. I am hoping that will make the difference and that things won't have to change/end just because I am going back to work.
  • If you are a Mommy who breast fed and who went back to work, please send me your success stories so I can obsess on them and not on how it is all going to end very, very soon.
  • I am mentally and financially ready to go back to work, but am worried about how things will change (see above).
  • Plus, I will really really miss my little Peanut.
  • It is nearly impossible to get any actual billable work done during the day while simultaneously taking care of an 11 week old baby. This I have learned. The hard way.
  • I am SO much more sentimental about holidays (recent fourth of July) now that I have two kids.
  • And I am obsessed about photographing them together to somehow prove to my psyche that they are both mine.
  • See adorable evidence below...
  • My daughter is clearly advanced. She rolled over at 10 weeks old.
  • I have proof. She went from her tummy to her back on Fourth of July.
  • Check out the pics that I took to prove it (see point above about obsessively photographing my children).
  • Here they are upright and cute:
  • And here she goes....!
  • Like I said, clearly advanced. :)
  • I will end this mish mosh of a post now. Enjoy your week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Going back to work did not stop my b00bs from making milk. In fact, they made milk very reliably for quite some time. I only had to add formula when the daycare folks insisted they needed 16 oz a day. I suspect they were not treating the liquid gold as liquid gold. Anyway, he turns one on Saturday and the b00bs still nourish the boy. So don't sweat it. Especially since you did so much pumping the first time around. This ought to be a piece of cake.

AuntFancy said...

Too cute!! Both of your children are brilliant. And I'm not biased or anything. ;)

cmay said...

I think you'll be fine. I found that if I emptied the boobs 4 times a day, the supply stayed up. If I went with 3 times a day, the supply dwindled. I breast fed for a year and then stopped because pumping was a pain and I was ready to give it up--but not because I had to, or because it wasn't working out.
Good luck!