Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Big Girl...

I just took The Girl and dropped her off at daycare for the first time. She is going to the same place where her brother goes to school. He is in Montessori Preschool and the woman who runs it decided she would take babies in a different part of the school. So he will be in the classroom and she will be in the baby area. I am thrilled that I can take them both to the same place every morning. Makes dropping off and picking up that much easier. Also I like that she will be with her brother during the day. Once she gets a little bigger I think that will make her happy. Not to mention that I know her big brother will tell me if anything goes on during the day. "Mommy, sister cried ALL DAY today..." Plus, I know the people at this place and trust them explicitly so while I will miss her, I am not at all worried about her.

She isn't going full time as of yet. Starting on August 3rd she will be going three days a week. I usually only work 4 days a week (I take Friday's off) and starting in August she will be going Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and I will work from home with her on Wednesdays. I decided to take her today as a little "trial run," and also so I can bust out an 8 hour work day. I have a TON of work at home to do and with trying to take care of her during the day I am only getting about 3 to 4 hours of billable work done each day. So this will allow us to slowly get used to the idea of her going to daycare and also give me a chance to catch up on some much needed work.

On that note I am going to go and work instead of blogging. I can't believe my little girl is big enough to be taken to daycare. Sigh... Life moves so quickly.

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