Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011

I am a few days late in getting this post out but that's because I was busy trying to start off the new year right. And I think we have done that. If the 25 year old me was able to look into the future and see where I am in my life right now I am sure my response would be something along the lines of, "Really?!?! How BORING!!!" But that suits me just fine right now.

We spent New Year's Eve at home alone just the three of us. We had a great dinner and Mommy got to enjoy a nice(r) couple of glasses of wine than my usual and we were all in bed asleep by around 10:00. See? Totally boring. But you know what? We were all safe in our homes and we all woke up feeling great the next morning. One day my kids will be old enough to understand it all and stay up late and make noise, but until then? We celebrate like we are on the East Coast (at 9:00pm) and watch the ball drop and watch the fireworks and then we head to bed.

On New Year's Day we started the year off with a great day. We had a relaxing morning and then went and had lunch with my BFF and then back to her house to play for a while. We came home and The Girl went right to sleep while The Boy and I took to building him a fort. He has been really into forts lately and I told him since it was a special day we would build him a fort and he could take his nap in there. So we did. Because, after all, what little boy doesn't need to start out the new year with a good fort?
And he took a fabulous nap in said fort while I got some (much needed) work done. And then when they all woke up we had a really nice, relaxing Saturday evening. And guess what? I guess forts are universal for ALL kids because The Girl loved the fort as well. And much to my surprise, The Boy actually enjoyed sharing it with her. They both spent ALL evening (minus dinner time) inside that fort playing together. It was so sweet I almost died. I would hear The Girl say, "I drop my banket..." and then hear The Boy respond, "I will get it for you..." and hear him hop down and then a second later hear, "Tank you" from The Girl. They sang songs and brought his batcave into the fort and all the toys they could muster and sat in it all evening long and had a great time. I mostly left them alone to their sibling time, but I have to admit, I did pop in every once in a while to say hi...and of course to take a picture...
But it was a great start to a new year. I don't have any major resolutions to speak of...I just want to find a balance in my life. I want to continue to love and cherish these two kids I was blessed enough to have, but this year, I want to see if I can find a bit more time for me and MY life (I know...what life?). So that is what I am going to work on. But we are all here and we are all healthy and happy and there's really not much more I can ask for in life right now.

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2011 bring you all that you dream of.


Laraf123 said...

It is so awesome to hear siblings interact and be kind to each other. Makes everything feel right in the world! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like your night was great!! And I love forts! I think we might build one today, it's a rainy day, perfect for fort building!!