Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging from Hawaii, Day 3

You may wonder how I am able to blog so often during my vacation. The reason is that sometimes it seems like I have spent my entire vacation sitting in this hotel room while one or both of my kids nap. I was joking today that when people ask me, "How was vacation?" I would have to answer, "Well I wiped a lot of snot and I sat in a hotel room."

Both kids are sick and have unnatural amounts of green stuff coming out of their noses. But I am not complaining because we are still in Hawaii. Sleeping has gotten better for both kids too. Hence the reason I am spending so much time in this room versus out in the wonderful Hawaiian weather. The girl got up around 5:00 this morning after a good night of only getting up once at 2:00am to have her nose suctioned and to nurse. The Boy got up shortly after that. Then The Girl goes back to sleep for her morning nap around 8:00am and my family generally takes The Boy shortly after that and goes to the beach or the pool. I sit in the room while The Girl sleeps. Once she gets up (usually around 10:30) I get her dressed and we go down to the resort to find the others. Generally we hang for about an hour before we go back up to the room for lunch. And then it is time for The Boy to nap and generally The Girl joins him. So I am up in the room with them both until around 4:00pm at which time I get to take them both and go out in the world until dinner. Right after dinner The Girl needs to go to sleep (no chance I am letting her get overly tired like the first night) so I head back up to the room with her by 8:00pm. So as you can see, I am spending a WHOLE LOT of time in this room while people sleep. But they are little kids...they need their naps. And their smiling faces when they have gotten good naps makes it all worth it.

Some high points of my trip so far:
  • When The Boy says, "Can you sit with me?" I actually have time to do so. And I am able to say yes every time and enjoy hanging out with my little dude.
  • The way The Girl's hair curls in this weather around her little clips.
  • My son's face last night after FINALLY being able to see the firework show that he missed last year (the hotel next door to us does a show every Friday night at 7:00pm and last year we were in the middle of dinner and rushed to see it only to see the last firework go off. For an entire year he has talked about wanting to see the fireworks in Hawaii).
  • The pure bliss on The Boy's face while he rolls around in the sand and makes "sand angels" (like snow angels but obviously in the sand) and gets sand into every crevice in his little body.
  • The Girl's little body loving the kiddie pool and continuously laying down for me to hold her on her back while she floats and blows bubbles. She is going to be a little water baby it seems.
  • Just the time spent with my two kids. They are both so damn sweet and so f-ing cute that it kills me. I love the memories we are creating and I love having the time to just really be with them without having to worry about laundry or dinner or cleaning the house or getting somewhere on time or ANYTHING. I just get to hang with my kids. Priceless.

The Boy just woke up from his nap...must go. Aloha!

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