Saturday, January 23, 2010

The One Where I Ask for Your Advice...

So we are going on vacation in less than a week. I know, I know, cue sad music here... We are off for our annual trip to Hawaii.

But I have never traveled with a 9 month old. The first time we took The Boy he was two. It is much easier to travel with a 2 year old than a 9 month old. At least I think so. I really don't know.

Is there anything that I should know? Any tips you have for me?

I have given in and allowed her to have food from a jar while we are gone. So I am not bringing food. I have also put up the pack n play in her room and am having her sleep in it. That way she will be used to sleeping in it before we get there. But other than that...I am sorta winging it.

We are staying on a military base/resort so we will have access to a PX store (I believe that is what they are called) where I can buy diapers/wipes/all of the essentials when we get there so I don't need to worry about bringing all of that. I am planning on bringing a small, fold up umbrella stroller for The Boy and our usual stroller for The Girl. My thought is that I need her to have a stroller where she can recline because I have a feeling she will be taking lots of her naps in that stroller. I don't plan on spending my entire vacation in the room while she leisurely naps away. I am also traveling with The Ergo for when we need to go to the beach and times when a stroller isn't the best option.

We did buy her a seat on the plane and are bringing her normal car seat for the plane ride and the car to the resort. I have lots of hats and cute little swim suits and outfits that I bought for her when all the summer stuff went down to $1.99 back in September/October so we should be good to go for clothes.

So what do you think? Am I missing anything? Is there some gem of wisdom that I need to know that will make my travels with two small children easier? advise...

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Yellzer said...

Take offs and landings can hurt ears especially if she has/had a cold. Try to time a nursing/bottle for those events. The suck/swallow will help keep her ears "popping" and she won't get that terrible "my head is going to explode" feeling from all the cabin pressure.