Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's Too Big!

I can't believe it.

Peanut has her first tooth.

She has been quite cheery lately given that she was getting ready to cut a tooth, but I guess that's just her nature.

Here she is last night, kickin' it in her highchair with the foot propped up on the side...
The Boy didn't get any teeth until he was almost a year old. I spent months 6 - 12 with him saying things like, "He is going to get a tooth any minute..." "He is teething, that's why he's acting like that..." and then no tooth would ever show up. So I just assumed that Peanut would be the same. People lately have been saying that she was teething but I just laughed and repeated how The Boy didn't get teeth until almost a year so I was sure it wasn't anytime soon. But there you have it. My big girl. I am a little scared for my boobs...

The Boy does NOT have H1N1, thank God. He just has a nasty cold. The poor little dude was up ALL.NIGHT.LONG coughing last night. Like I seriously don't think between the two of them that I slept more than 1 hour at a time. I am exhausted. I feel bad for the poor little dude though. I used the humidifier and have him some Children's Benadryl (I know...SCANDAL!) and that helped him sleep for a few hours at a time. Unfortunately for me that is when Peanut decided she needed a binky, or needed to eat (I think that was around 4:00am...the time change has screwed us all up!). So I was up all damn night long.

I am pooped. But my baby has a tooth. I can't believe it. Sigh...

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