Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have got to give props to all the stay at home Moms out there. Seriously. I have NO idea how you do it.

The Boy has been home sick from school all week long and I feel like I might lose my mind. I am sure it doesn't help that he feels like dog meat and is therefore the most pitiful version of himself, but man, I am tired and cranky and so OVER him being sick. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for the poor little dude. He certainly isn't faking it and genuinely feels like hell, but I am so tired of hearing, "Mommy pick me up," "Mommy you rock me?" "Mommy my [insert body part here] hurts..."

I just re-read that and realized I sound like a class A asshole. My kid wants to sit with me? My kid wants me to rock him? How horrible!!!! And yes, there is some part of him being sick that I am enjoying in that he is cuddly and somewhat sweet. But although I am playing the part of a stay at home Mom this week, let's remember that I am NOT a stay at home Mom. And let's also remember that in order to pay my mortgage and, oh I don't know, buy groceries, I HAVE to work. And I do a large majority of my work from my home. And that hasn't happened this week. It hasn't happened nearly enough.

So while I would genuinely love to have the time to sit and cuddle and rock my almost 4 year old for hours on end, I simply do not. Add that to the fact that when said "cuddling" is occurring he is generally coughing and sneezing in my face and wiping his snotty nose on my sleeve, it doesn't make for as rosy a picture as one might imagine.

In terms of his actual health, I am wondering if this evil cold is EVER going to let up. He is up all night long coughing, which of course mean we are BOTH up all night long. And I don't know how many more nights I have in me. I feel horrible for him, but I don't know how to help him and my Mommy genes simply will not let me sleep through him coughing. He pulled all his little tummy muscles from coughing so much so now every time he coughs he also grabs his stomach and starts to cry because it hurts. That sucks. I do feel really bad for him. And the fever just will not go away. I know from personal experience that having a fever just all around sucks. No way NOT to feel shitty when you have a fever.

So to sum it all up, I feel really bad for my sick, sick little dude. But if he doesn't get well enough to go back to school soon I am going to lose my ever-loving mind.

That's all. Return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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