Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whose Idea Was This?

I was sitting at my desk lamenting about the fact that no matter what I do, I can't seem to get any substantial work done while at home. I guess you could blame it on the 9 week old child that seems to need A LOT of attention. No matter what I do, that child does not want to sleep during the day anywhere except with me. I can put her down in her bassinet and she will fall asleep. But she will inevitably wake up within 15 minutes of being put there. She lasts even less when put in her crib (unfortunately thus far she seems to hate that thing...) However as soon as I get her from either of those places she proceeds to fall into a deep sleep while laying ON me. Great. She will also nap if I take her into my room and lay down with her and nurse her and then lay there with her. She will nap for 3 hours that way. But as soon as I try and sneak away from the bed? She wakes up.

So I was sitting at my desk being cranky about the fact that I can't seem to put her down long enough to get any work done. Of course while I was doing this I was reading blogs. I was reading Amalah's Bounce Back column that follows her hysterical Pregnancy Calendar that I read the entire time I was pregnant. I was reading an entry that talked about getting back into shape after having a baby. It said something about how amusing it was that you can get all sorts of cheap jog strollers on craigs.list and e.bay because people have good intentions and then decide that it just plain isn't worth the effort. Or they realize that it is still jogging even with the pimp stroller and therefore it just sucks.

Then I thought to myself, hey...I have a fancy BOB jog stroller...I am just sitting here on my ass...the baby is probably big enough to fit in there by now...I should get out and exercise since it is CLEAR that I am not going to get any work done here anyway...

Thus began the project that was doomed to fail. I pulled the stroller out from my garage and checked it out. Seemed like with the 5 point harness and a blanket I could keep The Girl from falling out. Plus, it wasn't like I was actually going to jog anyway... So I threw her in there, put her small diaper bag underneath the stroller, grabbed my phone and keys and a bottle of water and headed out.

I was strolling down my street calling my friends on my phone bragging to them that I was actually out walking with my daughter and how cool was I for being so proactive and trying to work off some of the baby flab...when I realized that the ride was a little bumpy. Now those of you who have the BOB jog stroller should know that when you are just walking it is truly one of the smoothest rides out there. Huh. That's weird, I thought to myself. Then I glanced down and looked at the tires. Flat. Totally flat. Both of the back ones. Shit. But of course by this point I was quite a ways away from my house. So I decided to just go the short route instead of the long one and head back.

Then as I am walking away, bumping at each little bump with my flat tires I thought to myself, sure is hot out here. What the hell time is it anyway? It was like 1:15pm. And it was almost 90 degrees outside. Of course I pick the hottest time of the hottest day in June to take my sorry self outside on a walk. What an ass! Then of course my daughter decides that this isn't the best idea either and she starts crying. Can't say as though I blame her. So we went home. And about a block from my house I stepped in gum. Nice, warm gum that had been getting sufficiently hot and sticky in the hot sun. Great.

I will take that as a sign that the universe does not yet want me to exercise. The universe wanted me to go back inside the house and take a two hour nap on my bed with my baby. So that is exactly what I did. But here is photo proof of the attempt...

PS--Please note that I have a fancy new header on my blog courtesy of Calliope. If you're reading this on a reader, please click through and have a look at the lovely new header. She drew the pic of my kids and me by herself. And I really like the colors and the fancy rainbow colors swirling through it alluding to my little gay self. Thanks so much Cali! I love it!

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