Monday, June 15, 2009

The Girl's Newest Friends!

I would like to officially welcome the newest members of The Girl's inner circle.  As I have mentioned before on my blog, two of my best friends were also pregnant at the same time that I was pregnant.  One of them is officially no longer pregnant!

My girlfriend C and I have been friends for several years.  I have such fond memories of going on nightly walks together WAY back when I was trying to conceive The Boy.  If you recall, I tried for 3 years to get pregnant before actually conceiving The Boy.  She and I used to walk every single night and I would lament to her night after night about my IUI's and the meds I was on, and how bummed I would be every single cycle when it didn't work.  She was always so supportive and wonderful to me during those times.

Then I finally got pregnant with The Boy and he arrived and she came over on a regular basis to visit us and dubbed him "Chubs" and loved him dearly.  She continues to call him "Chubs" even though he is definitely NOT a Chubs anymore.  Shortly after that she married her longtime love (who happens to be FABULOUS) and after some time they decided that they wanted to have a child of their own.  In a cruel twist of fate, she found out that she too suffered from that evil curse of infertility.  Our talks turned to her treatments and I was able to support her in her endeavors and promise her that she would have an outcome similar to mine.

When I got pregnant with The Girl I was very worried about telling her about it since I knew she was still struggling to get pregnant and here I was being GREEDY with my two kids.  She was completely loving and supportive about my pregnancy as usual.  I was THRILLED when she discovered a few months later that she was also pregnant.  We were both even more thrilled when she found out she was expecting twins a couple of months after that.

She was 9 weeks behind me during our pregnancies and I am proud to say that she won the prize for the bigger belly given that she had TWO of them in there.  She was put on bed rest at 28 weeks (I was put on bed rest at 29 weeks) for a shortened cervix and we were all secretly worried that her babies would come too soon.

But she is a rock star (as is her husband who did everything so she could be on bed rest effectively) and made it to 36 1/2 weeks.  She delivered on Sunday in the early, early morning.  God love her she pushed both of those babies out!  I have gotten her permission and am proud to introduce to you Baby A who weighs 5 lbs 6 oz and (I am withholding the actual names to attempt to give her a little bit of privacy...) who looks just like her husband...

And Baby B, who weighed 5 lbs 7 oz and who looks just like her!
I truly could not be happier for the their entire little family.  They are amongst the most wonderful people I know and they all worked SO hard for this and they are here and perfect and healthy.  Congrats to you all!  I love you all and can't wait for our kids to play together.  Our dreams have finally been fulfilled...


Billy said...

Congratulaions to your friend :-).

AuntFancy said...

Having met C a few times, I'm VERY excited and happy for her and her new little family too. Knowing what you went through when trying to conceive, I have a soft spot for people who desperately want children and have a hard time conceiving them. Congratulations indeed! :)

cmay said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!
Thanks for the update. I'll let my friends that know her in on the great news! Please tell her that everyone here at my work is SO happy for her.
We never got to get together to collect more boy stuff, but one of these days when she can catch a breath, perhaps we'll get around to it. I know she's received plenty from your boy, but with twin boys, getting more is better.