Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's That Time Again

Time to take the glucose tolerance test.  Oh joy of joys.  I did the test this morning and I have to say that, compared with the last time I took it, today was relatively easy.  That's not to say that I passed mind you, that is just saying that physically taking the test was easier this time.  When I was pregnant with The Boy I had to go to the lab after making sure not to eat for several hours (always fun when you're pregnant) where they gave me the nasty drink.  I had to drink it and then sit in the lab for an hour before they drew my blood and let me go home.  This time, however, I was given the nasty drink at my last OB appointment.  I brought it home and put it in my fridge (it tastes MUCH better icy cold, although still pretty much tastes like crap) and after I had gotten up this morning, I drank it at about 7:15am.  Then I was able to take my shower, get ready and head to my doctor's office.  I got there when they opened at 8:00am and my blood was drawn at exactly 8:15am.  MUCH nicer to be able to deal with it at home and take a shower etc. than to have to sit in a lab for an hour.  Although I must say that a certain small 3 year old didn't really understand the importance of being on time and trying to get out of the house at an exact time with him proved to be a little difficult.  But we did it.

The Boy was fascinated with them taking blood out of my arm.  He kept repeating, "Just a yittle poke..." and saying, "You okay Mommy?  You not hurt?"  And no, I am not someone who has issues with needles or blood draws so it was no biggie.  The nurse asked me if I had eaten anything or if I had fasted...and then proceeded to ask The Boy what he wanted to have for breakfast.  He declared, "DONUTS!" as loud as he could.  He then sweetly told everyone in the office, "Don't worry...I be back.  I bring a you all a donut," as we were leaving.  I am sure they were thrilled.  And of course I did have to stop and get him a donut on our way home.  But me?  Not so much.  I think I have had my fill of sugar for the day.  Blech!  So now we just hope that I pass.  I assume they will tell me at my next appointment, which is a week from Friday.  Please let me pass so I don't have to do the evil 3 hour test... 

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