Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Believe They Call This "Nesting"

Even though I am supposed to be resting, I believe what I am actually doing could be considered "nesting."  Close enough?  But really, when one actually books their c-section for 5 short weeks away...it becomes apparent that a baby will be arriving soon whether one is ready or not.  And prior to this last week I would have definitely been in the "not ready" category.  I believe I am better now.  After my doctors appointment last Friday I headed over to BRU.  I bought some much needed essentials: a couple of packages of diapers, a few binky's, some changing mats (those things that go on top of the changing table cover to keep nasty poo away from pink cuteness...), a package of starter bottles (plan is to breast feed but who knows what will happen), a nice clean bulb syringe (because re-using those = gross!), that kind of stuff.  Nothing overly fun or exciting, but just stuff you need to have on hand when the baby comes.

I should note that thanks to the excellent physical condition I am in (insert sarcasm here) I made it through approximately 3/4 of the store before I started getting light headed and started seeing spots and basically felt like I might pass out in the bedding isle.  Fortunately they have those lovely rockers there where I just took a little break.  The Boy very helpfully pointed out to every single customer that walked by, "My mommy hava a baby in der.  She hava rest now.  We go on in da minute..."  I'm sure they all cared SO much...  :)

A couple of weeks ago my mother helped me to completely get all The Boy's stuff out of the closet in the nursery and move it to his big boy room.  So now at least the closet in the nursery belongs to The Girl exclusively.  I decided that it was high time to wash some of the clothes that I have for her and get them ready as well.  So everything that was newborn sized got washed.  So did some blankets and some wash clothes and some burp rags.  Here is a shot of her closet as it stands right now...  

All the clothes on the bottom rung have been washed and all the stuff on the top has not.  But all the stuff in the little hanger-thingie (yes, that's a technical term) on the side is ready to go as well.  It seems like I don't have nearly enough things for her, but we SO overbought when The Boy was little that I am trying to not repeat my mistakes.  I have a friend who is having twin boys (Hi C!) and she is the lucky recipient of ALL of The Boy's old clothes.  And seriously, even though she is having twins, she might not have to buy anything.  Ever.  Again.  The Boy has more clothes than any one little boy should.  It is almost embarrassing.  So I am trying not to do that this time with The Girl.  But still it feels a little sparse...although we still have 5 weeks.

The other thing that is needed pretty much as soon as you get home from the hospital is a bouncy seat.  The one we used for The Boy is quite sad and the metal framing doesn't even allow it to sit up straight anymore.  So it needed to be replaced.  There are very few things that I am buying for this second child.  The only stuff she is getting is stuff that I either A) didn't have the first time around, or B) is in such a sad state that I wouldn't allow my cats to sit in it.  The bouncy seat fit category B.  So here is the newly purchased seat:
Notice how I couldn't bring myself to get the pink one.  I just couldn't do it.  It was just SO pink...it sorta made me nauseous.  You can't really tell in this picture, but some of the little circles on the pattern part of this are feminine looking.  Good enough!  My little girl can be butch if she wants to!  :)

When we brought The Boy home from the hospital The Ex was adamant that he was NOT going to sleep in our bed, or in our room for that matter.  Our room was supposed to be reserved for our "romantic life" and wasn't to be tarnished by a baby being allowed in there.  (You can see how well THAT worked out given that she left me and moved out when The Boy was 6 months old...but I won't go into that here...)  But because of that we didn't buy any sort of co-sleeper or bassinet.  We used our pack n play and set it up out in the living room for when he was out there and other than that he was in his crib.  This time around, given that it is just me (blissfully), I have every intention of having this little girl in my room, or in my living room, or wherever the hell I want her to be.  The pack n play is lovely, but it is far too large to be moving around all over the place.  So basically the only other "thing" I bought for the new baby was a bassinet.  My super star step dad put it together last weekend and I think it is too cute.  I love it.  I can't wait to see her sleeping away in it...
So as you can see, this last weekend was definitely one of "nesting."  I think I am pretty much ready for her.  Of course there are lots of little things that still need to be done.  Her bedding has been ordered but has not arrived yet, and there are still little touches that need to be done to the nursery to de-boy it and make it ready for his sister.  But overall I am feeling much more calm about the arrival of this baby.  One of the things that was still hanging out in the nursery was The Boy's name in letters on the wall.  This weekend I took them down and told him that it was time to put them into his big boy room.  They were painted a light green color in the nursery, but that won't work in his new room.  So I took him to the craft store and told him he could pick out any color he wanted to paint his letters for his new room.  He chose red.  And when we got home we both (lord help me) painted his letters from baby green color to big boy red color.  Here is a shot of him in action:
He was so proud of himself for doing it.  And his room is really taking shape.  We also bought The Girl's letters and a lovely lavender paint for those (The Boy picked that color as well).  They were out of one of the main letters we need for her name so it isn't quite ready yet, but we are getting close.  

And if you made it all the way through this ridiculously long post I will reward you with my monthly belly shot.  It is a week late as I have been doing the other ones at 12, 16, 20, 24...weeks.  So this one should have been my 32 week shot but it was taken today, St. Patrick's Day (hence the color), the day that I hit 33 weeks.  Less than 5 more weeks to go...

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