Monday, January 26, 2009

This Already?

Short post today's the last week of January and I can barely see straight much less post and actual thoughtful post...


Holy crap my daughter has the hiccups. The Boy used to get them ALL the time when I was pregnant with him. But I thought that I couldn't feel them until much later in the pregnancy. In fact, isn't this kind of early to feel it? I have no clue. But right now is the third time that I have been convinced that I can feel it and I am pretty sure that is what's happening. It always seems to happen after I eat (just finished lunch). Hope I am not giving her indigestion or something. I ate a very healthy lunch, I swear... Some oatmeal, a banana and yogurt for breakfast, and then a hard boiled egg, an apple, a turkey sandwich and some wheat thins. That shouldn't be upsetting her too much should it? So either she has the hiccups or she is sitting in my belly hysterically kicking me and then doing a count of It is completely rhythmic and it last about 3 minutes or so I would guess. Me thinks that is the hiccups.

The funny thing is that she is sitting SO differently in my uterus than The Boy was. I distinctly remember (and also went back and re-read my journal to verify this) that The Ex could totally feel The Boy kicking from the outside at this point in my last pregnancy. So with this current pregnancy, every time I feel some movement I put my hand on my belly to see if I can feel it from the outside. Most of the time I can't. Like maybe one kick out of 100 I can physically feel it on the outside. But for the most part, you can't feel a damn thing. My mom has felt her kick ONCE, and then there was the one time where The Boy was laying on my tummy and he got up and yelled at me because the baby kicked his head, but other than that, no one has felt this baby except me. I guess it's a good thing since I am single this time and no one really cares to feel the baby moving, but I still find it odd. And even when she has the hiccups, you can't feel it from the outside. I can feel it almost on my pelvic bone, and sometimes it feels like she's kicking my butt. Like if you could put your hand on my ass cheek you would have a better chance of feeling her from the outside than you would if you put your hand on my tummy. Isn't that a charming reference?

This is just so strange. Hiccups, yet no physical proof of a kicking baby from the outside. I guess it really is true when they tell you that each pregnancy is different. 26 weeks tomorrow for anyone keeping track.


AuntFancy said...

I want to feel the baby kicking from the outside! Having never been preggers myself, I just think its fascinating.

whatthef*ck said...

pregnancy. oh lord. my congratulations. and sympathies. although... at least i was sober.

baby kicks. so precious. soak it up sister. soak it up.