Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh My God, He Has Friends!

Okay that title is a little tongue in cheek. Of course my boy has friends. But I just don't experience it all that often. In my daily routine, I take The Boy to school in the morning, and my mom picks him up at the end of the day. So I am never the one to pick him up. When I take him it is usually pretty early in the morning and there are only about 3 other kids that are ever there. So I never really experience watching him interact with all the other kids at his school.

Wednesday night The Boy woke up 3 different times in the middle of the night...coughing. He was perfectly fine during the day on Wednesday so I wasn't sure what his deal was. The first time I just brought him some water and he went back to sleep. When it happened again an hour later I sort of had the realization that he didn't just have a "frog" in his throat. That was confirmed when I walked into his room and asked him what was wrong.

"Mommy. I have a da bad germs. In my mouf."

Oh good. Bad germs. Nice. So I asked him if he needed medicine and when he told me that he did, I thought we might be headed down this path (how lucky am I that my boy not only takes his medicine willingly, but he also informs me when he needs it). So I gave him some cough medicine and sure enough, when he got up on Thursday morning he had a cold. Shit.

He had to go to school because, well, this is January and I simply cannot take a day off right now. His Gigi was able to stay with him in the afternoon but she had a doctor's appointment and a haircut in the morning. So it was decided that I would go and get him after lunch at his school, take him to my mom's house and wait for her to get home, and then once she got home she would keep him at her house to nap and I could go back to work. So I headed over to his school right after lunchtime.

He was outside riding his bikes with all his little friends. There were like 10 of them. Also my boy goes to a Montessori School and most of the other kids that attend are of Indian descent. So it is hysterical to see my bright red-headed boy in a see of black-haired kids. Too cute. But the adorable part came when we walked across the street to our car. I heard a bunch of kids yelling, "Bye [Boy], Bye!!" I looked back to see like 7 kids standing up against the fence all yelling his name and waving at him. He called back goodbye to every single one of them individually and then also called goodbye to both of his teachers who were outside with the kids (he had already given the one inside a goodbye hug--she is his favorite). I don't know why it touched me so much, but seeing my baby, well actually my little boy now, waving goodbye to his friends at school just illustrated how very much he is growing up. And not only that, but he seems to be pretty good at it. He has little friends. And they like him. Like Mikey from the LIFE commercials...they actually like him. My big boy.

Pictured above...The Boy at Halloween with two of his best buddies from school.  And yes, I blurred out their faces...I am not a master with the photoshop so sorry about the shoddy job.

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